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How I lost 35 pounds in 2.5 months- and how you can, too!

weight loss Oct 01, 2016

Here's the overview of how I lost 35 pounds in the 2.5 months...

Disclosure: this is the most un-fancy weight-loss plan you've probably ever seen. It's common-sense and simple, though.

(By the way, the humorous version of how I decided to go for 30 pounds is in one of my books...  read page 4 for the story. It's online -The Husband's Field Guide: Navigating Your Wife's Essential Oil Habit.)


The story

Anyway, here's what happened- 

1. I looked in the mirror and didn't like what I saw. I havdn't jumped on a scale in a long time. Every now and then I would do it, but would be disappointed with what it said, so I pretty much avoided it.

Over the holidays I tried some pants that didn't fit (I needed larger ones), and I saw myself in a few full length mirrors. Then I saw myself again while I was in Hawaii on a free trip we took with Cristy's new essential oil business back in March 2014.

2. I defined the goal. I decided that I was going...

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