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Video: Your heart tells the truth about what it feels

soul wholeness video Oct 22, 2021

We don’t need to be “afraid” of the “bad” emotions. The truth is that, even if our hearts can lead us astray (such that we don’t to be controlled by them), it is helpful to “hear” what they say…

So listen to your feelings, that is, to your heart.

❌ We don’t want to avoid them.

❌ We don’t want to be controlled by them.

✅ We do want to hear what they’re saying to us…

That leads me to this...

We’re often afraid to talk about- or even feel- the “bad” emotions. We’ve been told that fear and anger and some of the other emotions aren’t healthy. Hence the “bumper sticker-isms,” memes, and pithy one-liners.

Let me offer a different perspective:

👉 There aren’t bad emotions and good emotions. Just healthy and unhealthy expressions of all of them.

Many of us are taught- from a young age- to be afraid of the “bad” emotions. But, we shouldn’t be.

Throughout the New Testament we read truths like-

💚 Jesus wept multiple times, including at Lazarus’ tomb (John 11:35) and even over the city of Jerusalem itself (see Luke 13:35, 19:41).

💚 Jesus became angry on several occasions. He overturned the money changers’ tables in the temple, after taking the time to make a whip to loosen the sacrificial animals (John 2:15, Matthew 21:12). He expressed His indignation when the disciples brushed the little children way from Him (Mark 10:14).

💚 Jesus was distressed with the Pharisees (Mark 3:5).

💚 Jesus was moved with compassion (Mark 6:34).

💚 Jesus was full of joy through the Holy Spirit (Luke 10:21).

💚 Jesus was sorrowful and troubled (Matthew 26:37-38).

💚 Jesus lingers even now, because the Lord is patient (2 Peter 3:9).

In other words, there aren’t good emotions OR bad emotions- just healthy and unhealthy expressions of each (see this video for more on this.)

Our emotions are a thermometer to read the world around us. They aren’t thermostats.

And, since that’s the case, we have control over how we express them…

Here’s the emotional wholeness checklist…

… and how to allow ANY emotion serve you….

👉 Recognize your emotion.

👉 Read what it’s communicating to you.

👉 Respond in a healthy way

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