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The Healing Workshop

The Healing Workshop is our most comprehensive teaching on our favorite subject of all. With 5 hours of video, a 194-...

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Grace Basics

The 8-part video series, designed specifically to show you how incredible you are, how much you're loved, and the inc...

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Free Healing eBook!

These 24 pages will change the way you view health (a lifestyle of wellness) & healing (God's miraculous interven...

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From Addiction to Freedom

The Next Best Step was written "in the trenches" as grace-driven, Scripture-soaked, and instensely practical 12-Step ...

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Redemption = Freedom eBook

Redemption means “freedom.” And Jesus is the One who sets us free. More than that, though, we learn ...

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Invisible Scars = PTSD documentary

The biggest wounds may not be visible. If emotional wounds left visible scars, we'd know what to do and we'd nev...

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