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Video: What it really means to be "triggered"

ptsd soul wholeness video Oct 29, 2021

I learned this from the “raw talk” during one of our Centers of Hope meetings…

What does it mean to be “triggered” by your emotions?

Here’s our unofficial (read: real world, working through it, definition):

“To find yourself hijacked by your mind or emotions, your thoughts and feelings being uncontrollably fired in a particular direction, based on soul wounds of the past. We often mis-read events in the present in light of the past. Triggers often create a response which would be appropriate only in a different time and place.” 

Think about it—

I think it’s a good one. 

Often, our emotions send us in a different direction than we want to go, because we respond (wrongly) in the present AS IF the present was/is the past…

If we can identify it, and realize what’s happening… we can adjust…

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