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Emotional Health is a piece of the whole

In this talk we take last week’s release a step further (review here: https://www.Jenkins.tv/blog/baggage). I pulled the content from this talk from some info I planned to teach to a live audience re: emotional wholeness…


Emotional Health = part of total health

We’re all multi-faceted people, having various parts to us.

  1. Physical
  2. Spiritual
  3. Intellectual
  4. Social / relational
  5. Emotional

We readily identify with the first four- but maybe not the fifth.

And, we generally OWN and notice the OBVIOUS issue in any area with the exception of emotional issues.

(I spoke more about this in this talk, https://www.jenkins.tv/blog/checklist, where I actually begin with the same point.)

Turns out, though, that you’re only as strong as the weakest link.

Look at it this way: a 20-link chain with 19 links can carry 1,500 pounds and one link that can hold only 15 pounds will never lift more than 15 pounds. Regardless of how powerful the other 19 are, they’re held...

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The PTSD Project & Handling Your Unclaimed Baggage

In this talk, I fire the podcast back up- after a long hiatus- and talk about a project I’ve been involved with for the past year +++). A few months ago, we released the book Warrior Hope, which I wrote with the Executive Director of Crosswinds Foundation- a nonprofit that’s been involved in the PSTD + Moral Injury space for 7 years and counting.

Last week we launched a group based on the book- a group currently being hosted at Hoover Tactical on Monday evenings, 6:30pm- 7:30pm.

Here are the main talking points from this podcast.

#1- Perception CAN be reality.

I’ve heard the phrase “perception is reality” a bunch of times. You probably have, too.

But, as correct as that statement sounds, it’s not accurate. Perception MIGHT be reality, but it might not be. Perception might just be the way you view things.

Let me explain…

You may have seen the cartoon online.

From one person’s perspective the number on the ground is clearly a 6. From...

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Emotional Wholeness Checklist- for YL Summit 2018



Emotional Wholeness involves recognizing your emotions, reading what they say before you react, and then responding to the world around you in a healthy + intentional way. 

In this video we discuss three important ideas about emotional health… and then we end with the three-point emotional wholeness checklist. 

I'll start with the three main ideas and then provide you with the checklist...


1. Emotional health is a vital component of total health.

Emotional health is a vital component of total health- yet it’s one that we often overlook (or don’t even own in ourselves). We may be unaware of emotional issues.

Peter Scazzero (Emotionally Healthy Spirituality) observes that many Christians walk through life with an under-developed emotional center. He reminds us, first of all, that we are multifaceted people- each of us having various components: 

  • Physical
  • Spiritual
  • Intellectual
  • Social / relational 
  • Emotional

Most of us readily...

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Acquainted with Grief- Podcast #53

emotional healing podcast Mar 26, 2018

The Bible communicates something astounding about Jesus: the One in whom was “life” was deeply acquainted with sorrow and grief (Isaiah 53:3). I’ve had my share of pain; you have, too. Somehow, when we connect with others who’ve been where we are, something resonates and hope is delivered…

In fact, rabbis believed that when a story of redemption was told, the telling of the story carried the same power that was present in the original event which the story references. You’ve seen this happen before…

  • It’s why you hear about a healing miracle and faith rises…
  • It’s why you hear of a restored marriage and you gain confidence that the same could be true for you…
  • It’s why you hear the story of someone’s financial breakthrough, and you suddenly sense that something more is possible for you, too…

Here’s the deal. As powerful as it is when we hear that others have been where we are- and that...

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Jesus Bled from His heart to heal my emotions- Podcast #50

emotional healing podcast Feb 19, 2018


In the previous episode of the podcast we talked about the finality of what Jesus has accomplished- that He has resolved every sin issue we have. 

“It's done,” Jesus said from the Cross.

Or- if you remember the nuance He added to the famous sacrificial word, Tetelestai.

Accept it, and your free. Don't accept it, and you’ve disqualified Jesus as your high priest and subjected yourself to the bondage of rule-keeping, shadow-chasing, and sacrifice- which can’t take away sin anyway and only serves to remind you of… your need for Jesus and the freedom He offers. 


He said He was done but then He did more!

Even after all things are complete, though, Jesus does more. Additional redemption comes.

We read in the Gospels that Jesus continued bleeding even after He died, even after sin was atoned for. Since we know that every place Jesus bled He redeemed something for us, we know that- even after His death- He still claimed more freedom...

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Do you qualify Jesus and disqualify the Law or qualify the Law and disqualify Jesus?- Podcast #49

If you consider Jesus your high priest, you disqualify the Law. If, on the other hand, you qualify the Law, then you disqualify Jesus. 

Sounds strange, I know. So let me back it up, and let’s see if we can find freedom from the rules + chains that often shackle us to religion rather than freeing us TO relationship. 

Why? Because these two are in conflict. And, at the end of the day, you were designed for relationship- not rule-keeping.

Sacrifices reminded people of sin but never fixed the problem 

Sacrifices were made in Israel every single day. Yes, bigger offerings were made at the three larger feasts on specific days (Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles), but the sacrificial fire never went out. 

According to the Bible, sacrifice wasn't a reminder of grace but a reminder of guilt. It was a reminder of sin for the people (Hebrews 10:3), because it was impossible for sin to be removed by the blood of an  animal (Hebrews 10:4). 

You read that...

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Your Pain is Subjective- Podcast #30

emotional healing podcast Oct 02, 2017


It’s easy to look at our own pain, compare the cause of it to someone else’s story, then think, “Hmm… I’m crazy to be feeling like this over what’s happened to me. I’ve got it better than most people. Who am I to complain?”

True. Someone always has it “worse” than you. There’s always ANOTHER story with shadier characters and darker details. 

At the same time, the wounds we feel are REAL, regardless of how they compare to someone else’s. And, we don’t know. How they interpret the pain they’ve experienced, either. Pain is different for each of us.

You see, the things that “knock me out of the game” may barely phase you. And the things that bring you to your knees… well, they may barely be a blip on my radar. We’re different, so we experience hurt differently. 

That means this…

First, we should help each other. We’re both weak in some areas and...

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It Works Both Ways- Podcast #29

 In this talk, we continue the conversation on shame… and how it, left unchecked, can become our identity. Here, I shift the focus from what I’ve learned “by the book” to what I’ve gathered from experience.

It was a huge eye-opener for me when I learned that we could be radically affected by others sins against us. Sure, most of us understand this on a childhood level (that person took my toy, this friend called me a bad name, etc.). The lesson seems to take on an entirely new level of significance, though, when we place the concept in the world of #adulting. The stakes get higher, the sins get bigger, the harm becomes more lethal. 

It was ANOTHER level of insight altogether for me when I realized we could be affected by some of these sins that weren’t our fault… things done against us that require cleansing but not necessarily forgiveness (i.e., we bear no guilt, but we’re wounded). Sure, it sounds simple looking in...

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A new nature means you naturally do the best things

I remember going to first grade and knowing that, every single day, regardless of how hard I tried, I was going to get in trouble. It never failed…

  • I’d find myself talking to my neighbor at just the wrong time.
  • I’d make a quick reply to the teacher that came across more as a smart mouth than a respectful student.
  • One time she left the room, only to return and find me standing on top of my desk, mimicking a little dance another student had done (they had done their dance on the floor, of course). 

It’s like I had a propensity- a drive- to do wrong. I couldn’t help it. 

I know. We can look back at shenanigans like this and laugh. Some of the episodes are funny- in hindsight. 

The trouble is… well… we often find ourselves in those same situations when we get older. Except this: we’re older. The mistakes are bigger, so the stakes are higher.

Ever felt like you just can’t get it right? That the relationships are...

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Guilt + Shame = Gone- Podcast #27

Fresh off the Advance, we walk into the subject of hiding. It’s something men are good at. Something, if we’re honest, we’re all good at. 

We all hide the secret parts of us. The dreams we have (for fear others will make fun of them). The wounds of the past (for fear that others will think less of us). The things we think and feel in the moment (for fear we’ll be judged). 

When we walk into the light, though, we can be fully known AND ACCEPTED by others. And, in fact, we can’t find that acceptance until we walk into that light…

I saw lots of walking in the light at last week’s Advance. Huge glimpses of transparency. Radical doses of grace and acceptance.

The strange thing about transparency… 

Well, it can’t exist where there’s shame. And shame can’t exist where there’s transparency. At some point, we have to choose one or the other. 

In this episode we talk through the theological basis of...

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