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Video: 3 ways to step back into Creation's rhythm

emotional healing emotional health soul wholeness video Jan 28, 2022

Here are three steps you take NOW to move away from the noise into this musical  rhythm of Creation.



First, sleep.

You probably need more sleep than you’re getting. A lot more of it.

Sleep is when your body rebuilds and when your mind goes to rest and begins processing and mending and “figuring out” the stuff from your day. It’s when you reset— completely.

Turns out, a lot of people AREN’T doing a daily— or even weekly— reset.



Second, take a sabbath.

Pick one day when you intentionally decide to just be present— not productive.

Adam and Eve weren’t created to perform. They were made for presence.

The first thing which happens to them after they’re made— in God’s image— is that He speaks to them and blesses them (Genesis 1:28). And then they share their “day off.”



Third, seek the right things in the right way.

Now, this one’s important— so important that we’re going to tackle it in the next video. My guess is that the reasons we often don’t do #1 and #2 above (Sleep & Sabbath) are because we seek things— even the right things— in the wrong way…

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