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Spoiler Alert- Perception ≠ Reality (Claim Your Freedom #3)

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Perception is reality” a few times. 

As correct as that statement sounds, it’s just not accurate. Perception might be reality, but it might not be. Perception might just be the way you view things. Again , perception might be reality, but it might not be reality at all.

Let me show you… 

Let’s say I write a big number 6 on the ground. I write it in large 6’ tall letters, using it to denote the number of biological kids I have who have a birthday before Salter, my youngest kid, who just celebrated his sixth birthday, has another- his seventh. In other words, my 6 is laced with numerous objective facts. 

For the sake of illustration purposes, you see me from afar and walk my way. 

“Why did you draw a 9 on the ground?” you ask.

“I didn’t. I painted a large 6.” Then, I explain everything I just wrote. 

You don’t understand. Looking at the number from...

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Live Inside-Out, Not Outside-In (Claim Your Freedom #2)

King Solomon said, “The righteous are as bold as a lion.” The flip side, he wrote, is that “the wicked flee when no one pursues” (Proverbs 28:1).

When you get to the place Eminem found himself in that film I referenced in our intro, you can be bold. When you realize your identity isn't found in the great stuff you’ve done nor is it defined by you at your worst, you can be even bolder. You sense a humble, tender confidence swelling inside you- one not based on your perfection or lack of flaws but based on the notion that there’s nothing else to hide. You’ve owned your story.

I remember the days of constantly looking over my shoulder, always wondering when life might come unzipped. Constant anxiety sucks. 

When there are holes in your story, it’s easy to hide. You want to hide. The problem, though, is that hiding makes things worse and more tense. Pressure builds beneath the surface. Sooner or later, whatever is inside surfaces....

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I Took the Psych Eval (Claim Your Freedom #1)

Last Fall I did something I never imagined I would do: I took a psychological evaluation. A full one. The kind that has hundreds of questions followed by a sit-down interview with a licensed psychologist. 

To say it another way, I voluntarily took one of those tests that cost several hundred dollars and can label you for the rest of your life. 

Again, I asked to take it.

Here’s why: smack-dab in my mid-40s I effectively averted the typical mid-life crisis by living a few tough years. Most people knew nothing of the trauma and trials I  endured, but the pain was there. Every few months I spoke about pieces of my story from the stage at an event where I spoke, or I offered a glimpse inside my world via my podcast or some other venue where I taught. Looking back in the rearview mirror of my life, I realized I’d endured enough to knock someone off their feet and into the grave.

I mean it. The grave.

At one point several years ago. I actually contemplated...

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Moral Injury = Overcoming Guilt & Shame

In this talk we build on the previous two, so you may want to roll back to the discussion on PTSD ( https://www.Jenkins.tv/blog/wholeness ) or even the intro to emotions in general ( https://www.Jenkins.tv/blog/baggage ) if you haven’t yet listened to those.

Here, I discuss Moral Injury- a close counterpart to PTSD that often looks like it and manifests symptoms in similar ways. However, despite that cliche that if it “looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck… then it’s a duck,” when it comes to PTSD and Moral Injury, the two are different.

Turns out, if you treat someone for PTSD yet they have Moral Injury, the treatment plan won’t work. It will be ineffective.

Just like this- if you treat someone for a broken leg but they really have a broken arm, your treatment will also be ineffective.

We’ve got to address the actual issue, the goal (again) being to walk in total wholeness.

In this talk I cover four main ideas that...

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