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Video: 7 Things you can do to look better + feel better right now

emotional healing health + healing miracles video May 02, 2017


You can feel better right here, right now. Yes, you've got far more control over how things go than you might suspect. 

Many of us have- at some point or another- fallen victim to the "victim mentality." We say things like- 

* "I got the bad side of the gene pool."

* "My genetics are wrong."

* "I have a predisposition for ______________________."

I get it. Sometimes, those things are true. Sometimes

And, yes, they're true just enough times that we believe them to be true all of the time. However, doctors are now telling us that most illness and disease is merely 5% genetic and a whopping 95% environmental. 

By "genetic" they mean exactly what we attribute most everything to- our DNA. Our heredity. What we got from our parents. 

By environmental, they mean... well... things like...

* What we eat

* What we do when we're active (lifestyle choices)

* How often we choose not to be active- i.e., we don't need to be sedentary but we do need rest (a major contributor to mental health, etc., and includes sleep + Sabbath time off, unplugged)

* Our thoughts- the things we take in from the world around us

* The- get this- things we listen to (words, music, etc.)

* Our emotional well being

Over the next few paragraphs, I'm going to give you seven things you can actually do right now that fall in this "environmental," this 95%!


How "alive" are you right now?

To give you those seven things, we've got to first discuss frequency. In The Healing Workshop, we actually spent significant time on this topic- simply because it's so relevant...

(Even though it rarely comes up in conversations about health!)

Frequency sounds like an odd term, I know. We'll make it "make sense," I promise. Here's the short version: frequency is measure of how "alive" something is.

Everything has a frequency. Everything. Things that are more alive have a higher frequency; things that are "less alive," have a lower one...

Now, don’t get confused with the type of electrical frequency that runs your appliances at home. Most of them run on an A.C. (alternating current) frequency of about 60 hertz. They are things made by man. Things made by God (people, plants, animals) operate with D.C. (direct current) frequency.

A healthy human has a standing frequency of 62-68 MHz. As your state of health drops, so does that frequency. Your frequency is a measure of how strong and “alive” you really are. 

Ever felt sluggish? Your body was experiencing a lower frequency... 

Ever felt jazzed up? Ready to take on the world...? Yes, a higher frequency!

Consider what happens as your frequency descends:

  • Cold symptoms manifest around 58 MHz, as at this point your immune system begins shutting down
  • Flu symptoms surface around 57 MHz
  • Candida (yeast infection) appears around 55 MHz
  • Cancer can begin when the body falls below 42 MHz
  • The process of dying begins about 25 MHz and bottoms at at 0 MHz when you are pronounced clinically dead

Royal Raymond Rife, a medical doctor who studied human frequencies in the early 1900s, discovered that he could actually destroy viruses and cancer cells at certain frequencies. He found that other frequencies prevented the development of disease. In other words, this "frequency" thing is a real deal. 

Here's the correlation: 

  • You feel better at a higher frequency, but get sluggish at a lower one.
  • Illness + disease find their groove at a lower one, but can't exist at a higher one.

Again, as you might expect, things that are dead... well... they're flatlined at zero frequency.

And, since everything has a frequency, that means frequency proves extremely relevant to your health (read: to how "alive" you feel)...

It also  means this: if you can intentionally do things that raise your frequency, then you can feel better right now. That is, you can take charge for that 95%. For instance, I'll show you below how you can you can become "more alive" yourself by praying (this raises your frequency by up to 15 MHz), by having positive thoughts (up to 10MHz raised), and even by the sounds you listen to (yep, who knew!).

I know... some of this sounds strange. At least when you first look at it in writing. But, once you think about it, it makes complete sense. In fact, you may even say it makes so much sense that it's totally obvious.

Some days you feel more "alive" than others, don't you?!

Have you ever stopped, looked at the details of that day, and mentally walked through what you did, what you ate, what you heard, etc...? If so, you might make some astounding connections!

Here's the graphic we use in The Healing Workshop to illustrate it- 

In the video with this post, I outline seven things that can swing your frequency up- or down. You have control over which way it goes based on how you leverage these specific actions.

Here's the write up... 

(And, again, these are things you can do right here, right now!)



First, thoughts can raise your frequency 

First, your thoughts and beliefs matter- they don't just change your outlook, quantum physics suggests your thoughts actually effect how the world around you responds to you!

Quantum Physics is confirming that the way in which the world around us expresses itself to us has more to do with what we expect to see than any other factor! For instance, “Whether energy expresses itself as a wave or a particle seems to be related to the expectation of the observer. In Quantum Physics experiments, if the observer is expecting to see waves, the energy behaves as waves. If the observer is expecting to see particles, the energy behaves as particles" (See p112 in chapter 11, “Strange Things are Afoot,” from The Physics of Heaven, Ellyn Davis and Judy Franklin).

In the book The Physics of Heaven we read, "We've also had incidents of synchronicity such as thinking of a person and suddenly having them call us. Many scientists are convinced these experiments indicate that thoughts and emotions, as well as words, carry vibrational frequencies that radiate into our surroundings and not only affect our own thoughts and emotions but also affect everything and everyone around us. However, no instrumentation has yet been developed to measure the vibrational frequencies of thoughts or emotions" (from chapter 6, “Good Vibrations," p63, Ellyn Davis).

Ever had a day where everything went your way simply because you expected it to? Or even the opposite- everything went as bad as you thought it would!

For years, people have taught about the power of thoughts:

  • We see it in the book The Secret, that became a national bestseller
  • We hear about it in "The Law of Attraction"
  • We hear about people making intention and declaration towards something, putting their thoughts out there.... 

Whereas we've thought these are recent ideas- and may have even labelled them as "new age" or cultic, they have sacred roots... 

Proverbs 23:7 tells us this, right? "As a man thinks, so is he..."

The Apostle Paul penned, "Be transformed... by the renewing of your mind" (Romans 12:1-2). 


Second, your emotions can lift your health- or bring it down, too!

Proverbs 17:22 tells us that “a merry heart does good like a medicine.”

On the flip side, we see that negative emotions are harmful. Consider Proverbs 14:30: “A sound mind makes for a robust body, but runaway emotions corrode the bones” (MSG).

Does this really have anything to do with your health and healing? Probably more than you think.

Consider what bone marrow actually does: “…bone marrow produces approximately 500 billion blood cells per day, which use the bone marrow vasculature as a conduit to the body's systemic circulation. Bone marrow is also a key component of the lymphatic system, producing the lymphocytes that support the body's immune system" (Source:, accessed 05/11/2016).

Do you see how this tracks with what Solomon said long before medical science picked up on it? Your emotions literally make your personal structure stronger or weaker!

Since we've been talking about frequency, consider this: “… everything- even our thoughts and emotions- emits energetic vibrations…”

As odd as this may sound at first glance, “many people believe this without attributing it to Quantum Physics because we've all had experiences such as sensing the tension when we walk into a room where people have been arguing. Metaphyisicsts would say we are picking up on the ‘vibrations’ of anger… Some vibrations are good and give off healing energy… others give off damaging, unhealthy energy" (See chapter 12, “Quantum Mysticism,” by Ellyn Davis in The Physics of Heaven. This quote comes from pp124-125). 

Grasp it: emotions carry energy- and not all energy (read: vibrations/frequency) is created equal. Clearly, there's good energy and there's bad energy.


Third, touch raises frequency, too

This area catches people by surprise (sometimes). In The Healing Workshop we discuss that touch is one of the most powerful human forces!

This is area we might tend to overlook we should embrace it- especially in our disconnected world. Touch matters.

“Dr. Walter Weston reports in Prayer Heals that most people emit a variable electromagnetic frequency from their hands, but healers emit a steady 7.8 hertz frequency… Researchers shown that the hands of spiritual healers can emit over 200 volts of electricity whereas non-healers’ hands produce no more than 4 volts. 200 volts is more than the voltage used in electrocardioversion to reset heart rhythm" (quoted from p29 of The Physics of Heaven).

Did you catch that? A gifted healer emits more actual power- not just spiritual power alone, but physical power- than a medical machine that is proven to work!

Think about this- and fill in your own experience: “We come equipped with an ability to send and receive emotional signals solely [by touch]. In one experiment participants communicated eight distinct emotions- anger, fear, disgust, love, gratitude, sympathy, happiness, and sadness- with accuracy as high as 78 percent" (“The Power of Touch,,” by Rick Chillot, Psychology Today, published March 11, 2015).

Or- “I have witnessed the power of healthy touch to heal, deliver, redeem, and restore people in mind, body, and spirit. Loving touch has the power to draw out the introverted autistic child, make an outcast teenager feel loved and accepted, or communicate safety to a battered woman. Healthy, loving touch reminds us of our God-given worth and identity" (“Have We Forgotten The Power of Touch?” by Nicole Watt, in Christianity Today, June 6, 2014).

One study I read when preparing this material related that “according to neuroscientists, our brains are programmed for touch" (“Power of Touch a Transformative, Healing Force.” See CBN News,, September 8, 2014, emphasis added).

The study cited in this article actually shows that “touchier teams” (i.e, basketball, football) performed better than less touchier teams. Apparently, something is communicated in the high-fives, the shoulder taps, and the fist bumps that is actually quantifiable.

In the Bible we see touch carries great power. Specifically, we see the "laying on of hands" (intentional touch for spiritual purposes, usually involving prayer) used to impart:

  • Healing (Mark 6:5, Mark 7:32, Mark 16:17-18)
  • Imparting spiritual gifts (1 Timothy 5:22, 1 Timothy 4:14, Deuteronomy 34:9)
  • Blessing people (Mark 10:16)
  • Imparting the Holy Spirit (Acts 8:17)

In the final example on the list above (Acts 8:17), a local magician wants to buy the power of touch from Peter and John- since there is so much that happens through it!



Fourth, essential oils can raise your frequency 

Essential oils are known to have an incredibly high frequency...

We often get a few questions related to our use of essential oils.: 1) Why do we use essential oils? And, 2) why do we use "legit" oils instead of just symbolic ones?

Here's the scientific answer: “Clinical research shows that essential oils have the highest frequency of any natural substance known to man, creating an environment in which disease, bacteria, virus, fungus, etc., cannot live" (read Gary Young's book Aromatherapy, p40). (Plus, in The Healing Workshop, I outline a few reasons why I believe people in the Bible used "real" oils instead of the symbolic versions you get in the book store.)

Notice, the quote above about disease, bacteria, and viruses... Scientific research says that at a high frequency those harmful things cannot live. Not, “they prefer something else… so they can’t thrive” but they cannot even exist. In other words, essential oils help propel your frequency higher (which, according to the illustration referenced above, is a place where illness + disease just don't exist).

I wondered just how high the frequency of essential oils might be, so I did a bit of reading. The numbers were astounding. The chart below will give you the details.

You’ll see that the frequency of rose is about five times the frequency of a healthy human. Peppermint, a very commonly used oil (it’s relatively inexpensive and easy to get) is a full 10 MHz higher than a healthy frequency. No wonder it gets people jazzed up!

The frequency of the oils is one of the reasons that the pain “goes away” almost immediately in many cases within a few minutes of applying certain oils. Quite simply, a lower personal frequency means you are not feeling well- and all the symptoms of not feeling well (like pain) come with that.  Since an essential oil can raise your frequency, though, you start feeling better as your frequency elevates.


Fifth, sound can raise- or lower- your frequency 

The power of sound is simply amazing. (My favorite example, by the way, kicks in around 3:30 in the video above.)

Because of its link to the limbic system, sound creates mood and environment on its own. Depending on what music is playing in a building when you enter, you may feel excited, mellow, or anxious... 

One studier of sound writes, "Sound can create a story from dry facts. It causes our emotions to go beyond facts to feelings… The revelation that comes to the seer has everything to do with the sound of the scene being viewed" (see chapter 7, “Sound of Heaven / Symphony of Earth,” in The Physics of Heaven. Ray Hughes is the author of the chapter. See p69). 

Consider movie soundtracks. If you see a person running frantically down the street in the middle of the night, you’ll instantly feel different about what is happening if you hear the screeching theme to Psycho playing in the background as opposed to Rocky’s Eye of the Tiger.

Think about the impoverished areas of the inner city. Is everything there just economic? Or is some of the depression emanating from the sounds that fill the streets...? 

Even the Bible backs this one: "Faith comes by... hearing" (Romans 10:17).


Sixth, prayer can raise your frequency

Of course, yes, prayer raises your frequency, too (your spirit and soul can effect your body!)

Prayer makes an even greater change than positive thoughts, notching someone’s frequency up by 15 MHz (Healing Oils of the Bible, p33). Rather than praying alone, however, consider adding prayer to other actions on this list.  Think about the difference prayer can make with oils and with positive confession!

Imagine what happens when we use all of them together!

Dr. David Stewart writes, “Prayer can work without the oils. Oils can work without prayer… If you are having success with prayer alone, it can be increased by the intelligent use of oils. If you are having success with oils, apply them with prayer and you will see even greater success" (Healing Oils of the Bible, p93.


Seventh, food can raise- or lower- your frequency

Finally, think about this: your physical and spiritual breakthrough may very well include the foods you choose to eat. Remember, a lifestyle of therapeuo is one a form of faith that is backed by action!

Foods have frequencies. As you might suppose, a healthier food has a higher frequency. David Stewart writes, “fresh herbs measure 20-27 MHz… fresh produce 5-10 MHz. Processed or canned food measured zero. In other words, there is no life or life force in canned or processed foods.”

Here's where this concept fits into frequency:

  • Fresh herbs and vegetables can have a frequency in the 20s (it's alive)
  • Processed food has a frequency of zero (it's dead) 

That means when you go roll through a drive thru and receive a brown paper bag, you're getting a bunch of empty calories- calories that will put girth around your waist with absolutely zero nutritional value. In other words, it's possible to be fat and starving at the same time! (I've been there, done it, got the t-shirt...)

Now you have a scientific answer (another one) when your kids ask you why you don't like McDonald’s. And you know why you feel like junk when you eat too much pizza. After learning about frequencies it’s not hard to believe the old but true adage, “You are what you eat.”


About that coffee habit of mine

I wondered why Young Living (the essential oil brand we use) never has coffee at their events. Ever. I approached more than one urn at the Hawaii event (with a coffee mug that was provided), only to find that I was filling my coffee cup with water! 

I asked one of the execs, a lady, who politely told me, “They frown on it.” 

That “they” she used in her sentence led me to believe she, too, was a drinker, so I asked, “Do you drink?” 

She quietly confirmed she did, and smiled shyly about the whole thing. 

“I won’t tell,” I promised. 

I should have added- “It’s not like I’m going to go put it in a book or anything!”

Here’s the scoop about coffee: simply holding a cup of coffee in your hand drops your body frequency by about 8 MHz. Take a sip and you’re down by 6 more MHz. Yes, essential oils can boost this right back up, but the YL stance on it seems to be, “Why would you mess with that in the first place?”

Anyway, you get the idea here. When you choose to walk a total lifestyle of health and wellness, you have an amazing amount of control over how things go for you!



Wishing & thinking & hoping & praying

Again, studies have shown that your thoughts can raise and lower your frequencies- by as much as 10 MHz in either direction! In other words, a bunch of negative guys sitting around drinking coffee makes for a bad day! So much for my plans of being a grumpy old guy who gets the free “senior coffee” at the local fast food restaurant, chomps down on a processed biscuit, reads the paper, and complains about how things used to be. 

This is, in some sense, what the Bible may mean when Solomon (the guy who said wise people have oils in their house) says, “As a man thinks, so is he…”

And get this: prayer makes an even greater change, notching someone’s frequency up by 15 MHz! This means that a perfect scenario for bringing healing in your household, I believe, is the following:

  • Walk in a lifestyle of health and healing (diet and exercise)
  • Use the oils when they are needed
  • Speak a positive confession as to what is going to happen
  • Pray and thank God, declaring it to be true on earth as it is in Heaven

And, as you do this, understand, your natural state is health and wholeness. Your body, when healthy is fighting for health- not fighting for disease. Your body, when healthy and whole, is constantly, consistently moving higher in frequency. 

On a Biblical level, this is because you are created in God’s image. He does not have disease or illness. And, there is no illness or sickness in Heaven. Jesus says that you live the presence of the Kingdom, now. As such, healing, your naturally-created state as well as your end destination, are available in this present moment.

The oils simply “restore the body back to its natural state of balance and health at the most basic and fundamental levels.” They may do this instantly (iaomai), over time (therapeuo), or a combination of both" (see Dr. David Stewart's book Healing Oils of the Bible).



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