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Most of the time, "Less" is "More"

advance the ladder May 16, 2017



Confession: I’m a busy body… sometimes. No, make that a lot of the time. 

When my spirit is quiet and my soul is at rest and I’m really tapped into to who I am, I’m not. But, most of the time, it’s easy to confuse being busy with being productive. It’s easy to confuse a “full schedule” with a full and meaningful life

A lot of us are like that, I think... 

I bump into people all the time at the coffee shop, the park, the restaurant. The exchange goes something like this:

“How are you?”

“Busy. I'm really busy…”

Others say it; I say it. Sometimes we don’t even think about it. It just rolls of our tongues. It's become cliché. We wear the "busy" label as if it’s a badge of honor, as if being busy is to personal importance what net worth is to finance. 

Somehow, we think MORE tasks, more action, more ___________ (fill in the blank) is always better...

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The Baptism of the Holy Spirit, part 2- Podcast #10

holy spirit podcast May 15, 2017

In the previous episode we nailed down two fundamentals. In this episode we take the discussion further. 

First, we look at what church leaders from a variety of backgrounds have said. Oddly enough, they all use different language (some say “filled,” some say “baptized”) but they all agree. We need a deeper, fuller encounter with Holy Spirit. 

Second, we look at what the Bible says. We jaunt through all 5 examples in the Book of Acts where we see the baptism of the Holy Spirit. 

Did they lay hands on each other? Did they speak in tongues? Was there some sort of belief or formula or something else that happened? 

The answer is… (insert drum roll here)… no. There are no formulas. God is relational, not robotic. 

(Verses referenced… Go to Acts 2:1f., Acts 8:4f., Acts 9:5f., Acts 10, Acts 19:1f.)


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The Good + Fast + Cheap Pyramid (choose ONLY 2 of the 3 and get to work)

advance priorities time May 09, 2017

In a sitcom that played in the last decade, Bernie Mac's wife, Wanda, wanted a renovation job performed on their house. And she wanted it done “good, fast, and cheap.” That is... 

  • She wanted it done with excellence,
  • She wanted it done yesterday, and...
  • She didn't want to pay a lot for it to be done

Bernie told her that you can choose 2 of the 3- no more. He proceeded to sketch a triangle, telling her that each of these three options (good, fast, cheap) were at opposite corners. Unfortunately, she could only have 2 of them...


"You'll have to make a choice," he said. "Because what you're wanting is impossible."

Side note: I know, no lady reading this has ever heard her husband say that; no husband has ever thought it :-)

Here’s how he described it to her (and how I apply it to virtually anything you do):


First, you've got to be invested in the project

Bernie Mac first said something like this: You can build fast and cheap, but it...

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The Baptism of the Holy Spirit- Podcast #9

holy spirit podcast May 08, 2017

Lots of people in church circles disagree over the Holy Spirit- who or what He is / does, and whether or not we have Him / it from the time of conversion or not. 

Some say you have the Holy Spirit, others say you don’t- that there’s more. We have create “classes” and “levels” of Christianity based on where you stand on this issue :-)

Others say you must speak in tongues…

Who’s right? 


On the first issue, the Holy Spirit moves IN you at conversion AND there is another encounter that the Scripture refers to as “being baptized in the Holy Spirit). 

On the second issue, speaking in tongues is not the evidence of the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Though it’s a gift- and a great one- the text people generally point to prove that it is refers to speaking foreign human languages not conversing in a  “prayer language” (though we do see the prayer language in other passages). In...

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7 Things you can do to look better + feel better right now

You can feel better right here, right now. Yes, you've got far more control over how things go than you might suspect. 

Many of us have- at some point or another- fallen victim to the "victim mentality." We say things like- 

* "I got the bad side of the gene pool."

* "My genetics are wrong."

* "I have a predisposition for ______________________."

I get it. Sometimes, those things are true. Sometimes

And, yes, they're true just enough times that we believe them to be true all of the time. However, doctors are now telling us that most illness and disease is merely 5% genetic and a whopping 95% environmental. 

By "genetic" they mean exactly what we attribute most everything to- our DNA. Our heredity. What we got from our parents. 

By environmental, they mean... well... things like...

* What we eat

* What we do when we're active (lifestyle choices)

* How often we choose not to be active- i.e., we don't need to be sedentary but we do need rest (a major...

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Health + Healing- Podcast #8

healing health podcast May 01, 2017


This may sound strange- even in Heaven we'll choose health + healing. 

Think about it. Health + healing was available in the Garden of Eden AND we see the "leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations" in Heaven (see Genesis 1:29, Ezekiel 47:12, Revelation 22:2).

When Jesus walked the earth, He healed people in two ways. First, He performed miracles (iaomai). Second, He taught people how to be well (therapeuo) (see Matthew 8:15f., Acts 28:8-9). 

In other words, health is how things began AND it's how things "end” AND it’s how Jesus + the apostles outlined things to work. It IS your destiny, in other words, a destiny you can choose now.


More info?

You may also like the free healing eBook + 7 videos. Go to www.WeOverflow.com/Healing to access. 

Also, in this episode I talked about my weight loss journey + natural health and healing that happened on a personal level. You can read more about that here:

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Sure-fire way to be healed of something- right here, right now


I'm not much on over-promising. Just the opposite. I like it when others under-promise and then over-deliver, so I try to do the same thing.

That said, there's one "tool" I've learned (I didn't make it up, in other words- someone taught it to me) that works for healing 99.99999999% of the time

Dare I say it works 100% of the time? Yes, it's that good...


First, why- and then what

Let me tell you why it works, first...

Basically (and this is the way simplified version of it, OK?), your limbic brain manages your memories and handles your emotions. The two are often connected.

Sometimes, there's a positive aspect to it. You remember something exciting- and there's emotion attached to it. Feeling. Heart.

Many times, though, there's a negative association. You remember a painful person, place, or thing... and there are emotions attached to it, too. Your heart might start beating faster, your speech may become more intense and...

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No Faith Required- Podcast #7

faith healing podcast Apr 24, 2017

Jesus marvels at great faith, but a lack of faith never restrains Him.

Somebody told me this more than once...

If you don't have enough faith, Jesus can't move.

I've even seen this belief used to blame people for their own lack of healing, lack of provision, lack of other good thing their Heavenly Father is supposedly holding back from them.

Simply because they don't have enough belief?

Is faith really the most powerful force in He universe? Even stronger than the hand and bigger than the heart of God?

Hardly. Jesus commended great faith, but He never criticized a lack of it to people desperately needing His touch.


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What if you were so healthy that...?

Uncategorized Apr 18, 2017


I read an interesting quote from a pastor a few weeks ago:

"God's desire isn't for you to be healed; His desire is for you to be so healthy you won't need to be healed."

The quote comes from Dr. / Pastor Henry Wright, a man who's spent years tracing the correlation between sickness and disease and the emotional and physical trauma behind it...

But back to his core idea... What if we really were designed to be  well...? And what if sickness was the anomaly instead of the norm?

* Maybe that's why there were "leaves for healing" in Genesis 1:29 (the Hebrew word, oklah, which is translated as "food" in that passage literally means "food and medicines").

* Maybe that's why healing exists in Heaven ("The leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations," per Ezekiel 47:12 and Revelation 22:2).

Get that: before sin came and after its completely eradicated, healing happens.

Perhaps we were created to choose life, to live well...


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Live Inside-Out- Podcast #6

We tend to look at symptoms, but the Bible calls us to look at the root causes. 

So, yes, Jesus said things like, “You’ll know them by their fruit…” That is, you’ll know what kind of people they really are by what manifests around them. 

But, He reminds us that what you see on the outside- the fruit- is really an overflow of what’s going on beneath the surface. 

John writes about this in 3 John 2. He prays prosperity and health for us (i.e., like the Blessing of Abraham). But, he says that those things directly correlate to how our soul is doing. In other words, our soul is the thermostat (not the thermometer). It controls the outside, the external… 

Because of this, we have hope in this life, not just the life to come (see also 1 Corinthians 15:12-19 and Romans 6:6-11). In other words, total salvation starts now. 


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