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Toilet paper is a luxury item— but brotherhood definitely shouldn’t be (w/ Andrew Farrer)

video warrior hope podcast Mar 29, 2022

I met Andrew Farrer back in 2021— when I was teaching the Warrior Hope material at a leadership training (certification) event in Tennessee, just south of Nashville. At the time, we were about to launch the Freedom Tour (see episode 3, with Chris Turner), just beginning to make headway into the Tennessee area.

Andrew was— at that time— the incoming chaplain for the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) in the State of Tennessee, where we were beginning to use the curriculum as a means to take hope + healing to veterans throughout the state. 

In this episode Andrew shares his story, as well as how he realized (during the training) that he still had “unchecked baggage” he needed to deal with.

Turns out, we all do…

And, as we discuss it with others, we discover that our stories aren’t that unique. 

That is, we often think we’re the ONLY ones enduring a problem or a pain-point, but there are others. Many others.

Sure, the details are different.

Yes, everyone’s experience varies…

But, there are SO MANY areas where we can connect. And should. Because healing often happens in those spaces, when we meet each other at the bottom, hold each other up, and begin making small steps— and then strides— forward.

Listen in— or watch. You’ll be glad you did…




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Warriors on Mission = connect veterans to their next mission. The most common obstacles we see are 1) isolation and 2) unresolved hurts / unprocessed pain of the past. Finding that next mission matters because 1) you have a purpose, and 2) there are people who are going the affected (for the good!) by you living that mission. Those people include your family, your friends, and fellow service members…

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