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Wounded healers work wonders for themselves and others (w/ Andrea Melcher)

video warrior hope podcast Apr 05, 2022

I met Andrea Melcher via Zoom— when she accidentally dropped in on one of the online Centers of Hope groups I was hosting.

Thinking the group didn’t apply to her, she connected with one of the women on our team and then decided to stay involved— for just a few more weeks.

Why didn’t the group apply to her? 

Because we were talking about PTSD…


Oddly enough, Andrea had been formally diagnosed with PTSD— and had a blind spot, thinking a group that was talking about PTSD had nothing to offer her.

But she stayed. 

And persisted. 

And worked the program at her own pace, garnering the support of her husband and other friends. In time, she felt she was ready to have a group— a live, in person gathering— in her hometown.

But no one else would lead it. Not the church. Not the local VA. No one.

Moreover, everyone told her plainly, “You’re supposed to lead this. You’re supposed to empower others with what you’ve learned— and are learning.”


So, just over a year later, here she is, leading her group. 

Two groups, actually.

Andrea leads a group for warriors, using the Warrior Hope curriculum, while her husband leads a group for spouses utilizing our Hope for the Warrior Family book.

And they mix it up with nights in which everyone just hangs out together…

Is it working?

You bet.


By the way, Andrea is also one of the first females to be authorized (with orders) to wear the 75th Ranger Regiment Combat Patch. 

She’s afraid of heights— but will jump out of planes and fast rope.

She’s also afraid of speaking in front of groups, but leads a fabulous movement in her area.


Here’s part of their story, along with my three takeaways from our talk together…

In it, you'll find that your biggest breakthroughs often come in helping others break through themselves... 


Warriors on Mission = connect veterans to their next mission. The most common obstacles we see are 1) isolation and 2) unresolved hurts / unprocessed pain of the past. Finding that next mission matters because 1) you have a purpose, and 2) there are people who are going the affected (for the good!) by you living that mission. Those people include your family, your friends, and fellow service members…

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