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Very few quick fixes

the next best step video Apr 01, 2022

Sometimes, it’s not just things that break, it’s people. 

If that’s you, take this as a word of encouragement… 


You can’t simply “fix” a person in the same way you can repair a car, computer, or even a broken cell phone. People don’t need to be “fixed,” they need a new direction. 

Here’s why— 

Things can just “break” in a moment.  I can drop my cell phone in the toilet and, in an instant, it’s done. One instance. Done.

The same proves true for car crashes, milk spills, flat tires, ripped jeans, and more…

Again, stuff happens— and stuff breaks in an instant. 

But people rarely break in a single event. Usually, there is a long string of events, decisions, and choices that have brought them to where they are financially, relationally, and even legally. 

That means this: relationships and finances can rarely be repaired with a single magic bullet. 

The same is true for your health— physical health AND emotional health.

Usually a plan (read: a new string of good decisions chained together, otherwise known as a roadmap) is needed.

Notice from the chart above that it may take a decision to begin walking a path, but that decision itself is not the path- anymore than logging onto Google Maps or MapQuest and getting directions for a road trip equates with the trip itself. 

Making a one-time decision to transform is very different than walking the path of transformation.

We’ll talk more about what this looks like in the next video 

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