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Blog: Top 7 = The long run, fall break, #FreedomMarch

blog top 7 Oct 11, 2021

This week's Top 7 includes the long run, fall break, and a new online group coaching opportunity...



Fitness = The long run, through the flooded golf course…

This week, I realized one of the mindsets / mental blocks I have. Namely, this: if I don’t get something *done by 7-8am (i.e., my morning routine, including exercise), I just assume it’s not going to happen that day.

This week, I woke up late— a few days (read: late = 8am, 8:30am).

I dwelled to go run, anyway…

Or workout.

Or whatever I had planned for that morning…

First time, I found myself running the “longer loop” here near my house… it takes my past Lifetime Fitness, Slice Pizza, around Acton Road, and through the old Altadena Golf Course…

The golf course has been closed for years, but still has all of its golf cart roads. I run those.

Except this time.

I ran over the small hill that connects one side of the course to the other and discovered the entire road was flooded.

No problem. I just took a small detour up a hill, hiked 50-60 feet, and then got back on the trail…

But then the trail went into a FIELD that was water-logged.

No problem. Run sideways through the “dry” side of the field…

Before long, I discovered— after a few miles of running the course— that EVERY bridge I COULD use to cross back to my house was flooded…

I finally took a short-cut through a random backyard, to find my way back to a street…

Of course, I stopped to snap a pic as a I (finally) made my way back to cross the Cahaba River and turn Into the neighborhood, surprised again that the river was so far “above” the normal water level…



Finance = Yep, it rained a lot this week. And the water found it’s way through some small space in the #TInyHouse roof.

Then, straight into Anna’s room.

I decided that, rather than calling someone to fix it, I’d climb up and do it myself. I’ve been keeping a few supplies on hand, at the house, to fix random things that pop up…

Not sure how much I saved, but it was $$$$.

And, it too FAR less time to just do it myself than it would have taken to call someone, meet them, etc….


Family = Kids are on fall break. Hard to believe that we’re already this FAR into the school season.

Football is almost over; wrestling (my fav) is about to begin.

That’s a pic of Salter above, eating his customary cereal (which, at our house, we keep on top of the fridge).


Field = Freedom March about to launch…

It’s a group-coaching intensive based on the Soul Wholeness material I created over the past few years, then published this past Spring.

You can learn more about this opportunity to walk in emotional + soul freedom at

(And, I’ll be posting + talking about it on social media this week.)

It is for you?

Here’s the overview…

You don’t reach your 30s, 40s, or even your 50s without bumping into the reality that life is both beautiful and life is difficult…

… and, many times, pain is involved.

Sometimes, crisis happens as a result of the choices we make; other times it happens because of something others do. Either way, we can find hope and healing just the same.


Most of the people I interact with have three things in common—

βœ… Trauma / crisis = something has happened. It might be big, it might be small. But it knocked you off balance, either way.

Most of the time, if we really look back, we see that a series of things— sometimes even disconnected events— happened.

βœ… Faith = you still have it. It might be hidden, or perhaps need to be re-ignited. But it still matters to you.

The struggle for many people is this…

If we’re honest, we expected something different from life. And it’s hard to reconcile the goodness of God ()which we still believe in) with the reality we’re living.

βœ… Hope = you might have resigned yourself to the notion that the best days or behind you, on this side of Heaven, but you still believe— against the odds— that all things work together for the good (Romans 8:28).

The goal is to walk in true joy, rich depth, full satisfaction.

And even help others with the hope you have, perhaps offering them a roadmap to walk through their hurts and pains once you find your way through.


You want to…

πŸ‘‰ Begin your freedom march, your journey forward— even against the so-called odds

πŸ‘‰ Live with a heart that’s made whole, scars and all

πŸ‘‰ Experience healing— if a miracle happened and you were free of the guilt or shame or soul tie or lingering wounds, great… but, miracle or no miracle, you want to move forward.


In this 5-week program we’ll talk about—

πŸ’₯ How to deal with pain without denying it, sweeping it under the rug, or tossing it in the closet

πŸ’₯ How to live forward, even transforming the biggest problems areas into the strongest platforms which will become stepping stones for the future

πŸ’₯ How to overcome the hurts, habits, and hang-ups of the past without spending $1,000s on therapy, self-medicating, living in shame, or resigning to the notion that “this is how things will always be”

Learn more about the program here: 


Faith = This week, Beth reminded me of the importance of continuing to look at life from an “abundance” mindset as opposed to a “scarcity” / lack mentality…

This, as are many aspects of faith, is an ongoing process— to constantly remind ourselves of the things which are true…


Friends = I totally bombed this area this week… as I was focused on getting a few projects up and ready to launch….

(One of these is the NEW version of the Advance Planner, which you can download free at -- see the info below.)


Fun = Judah and I took a sneak out this Thursday evening, when Fall break began.

The new James Bond film released— I’ve literally seen ALL of them and have been hooked since I first watched Roger Moore in “For Your Eyes Only” back in the early 80s…

We decided to go eat first.

Taco Mama was a bust— because it was over-crowded.

We walked around the corner to North Italia. One hour wait.

So, we went to an old standby— not really kid-food, but always available. Seasons 52.

We split a pizza, meat sticks (read: skewers), and mac-n-choose.

Then, back to the movie…



As of the post of this (I wrote it, and timed it early) Beth and I were leaving to head to Hunstville for the night. I’ll post more about that— and our “overnight once a quarter” plan next week.


Thanks for reading…

As always, this is just a highlight reel for the week— that space where I do a mind-dump of some of the things I’m grateful for form the previous week. Each night, in my planner, I use the journalling prompts to answer a few quick questions, stay focused, and keep moving forward through life…

Again, you can download the planner free at 

(New version pictured here, which was— BTW— one of the issues I resolved while on that long run!)

6 x 9, Hardback, undated, quarterly =

* Black = 

* Red = 

Also, be sure to check into the #FreedomMarch emotional wholeness intensive if you— or someone you know— might benefit. All the details are at

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