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Here's how to lose weight with essential oils

weight loss Oct 31, 2016

* Note: this contains some of the tips & tricks I used to lose 50 pounds. You'll need Young Living's Premium Starter Kit / Essential Oil Kit to do this. If you don't have yours yet, what are you waiting for?! Go here, now, and get started.

In the Premium Starter Kit you have the following 11...

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How I lost 35 pounds in 2.5 months- and how you can, too!

weight loss Oct 01, 2016

Here's the overview of how I lost 35 pounds in the 2.5 months...

Disclosure: this is the most un-fancy weight-loss plan you've probably ever seen. It's common-sense and simple, though.

(By the way, the humorous version of how I decided to go for 30 pounds is in one of my books...  read...

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