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Video: Paper Plane

advance the ladder video who Dec 13, 2016


I participated in this exercise at a leadership workshop one afternoon in which the facilitator lined us against the back wall of the room, asked us to make a paper plane, and then had us toss them one-by-one, launching them across the room.


* most planes took a quick nose dive...

* a few made a bit of distance and then veered radically to the right or left

* two made it across the room

You read that right. Two made it across the room. Two of, like… 40 or so.


Do it again, but...

The facilitator then did something interesting. He had the two people who launched their planes the farthest each take half the room and show them how to make a plane. It didn’t take long.

In fact, the instructor put a clock on it. We had 60 seconds to be instructed, to make the new planes, and then to get back in line.

When we returned the second time, to hoist our creations into flight, that second time, the majority of the paper creations made it well across the halfway point in the room.  Many of them went the entire distance.

What changed? The power of the the “who.”

If you walk with great people, you get great results. Even in the simple things. It doesn’t take long. It doesn’t have to be complex.

Face it. We’re better… together.


So, we tried it-

This exericse worked so well that we tried it at one of the recent men's workshops (Advance). That's the video you see above- straight from the workshop.

You'll notice that-

* Some of the first throws were horrible, embarrasing, even!

* After being trained, many guys excelled their teacher!

* It was quick, it was fun, and they guys learned more than we could have taught any of they with mere words being spoken! 


Now, your turn

Who can you learn something from this week? It doesn’t have to take long, and it doesn’t have to be a complex task. You’ll be better by learning something new.

Who can you teach something to this week? Maybe there’s someone you’ve been meaning to call, or someone who’s already asked you a question. Again, it doesn’t have to take long; it doesn’t have to be complex.

(By the way, arguably the best part of the exercise wasn't the result but the relationships!)

Our results were all exponential from that brief moment in time. Imagine what can happen when you go exponential with a just a few more simple things…



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