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An online course to help you make the most of each day and create momentum in each area of life 

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Does any of this seem familiar? 

😳 The days feel long, but the weeks feel short

😳 The “to do” list keeps getting punted from day to day… then week to week… and even months down the line

😳 There are important things you WANT to do, but they often— even though they matter— get side-swiped by things you HAVE to do

😳 You feel like you need to choose between your health and your other priorities— because there’s not enough time OR energy to do both

😳 You want to make sure you invest in the people closest to you— your family and friends— and, at the same time, want to succeed in business and pursue the thing you’ve been called to do

😳 You’d like a faith-life that’s on fire, but where do you actually fit THAT into the schedule?

😳 You’re often exhausted (and even sometimes lonely) and wonder, “How do other people seem to get so much more done in the same amount of time and STILL have time for friends and fun?”

If you’re stretched beyond your capacity and feel stuck where you are… rather than moving forward...

... and you want a bridge from where you are to where you're designed to be.... 

The Advance Workshop is for you!

In this 13-video course, I’ll help you make a personal plan unique to your priorities and your schedule, so you can navigate from where you are to where you’re designed to be.

How It Works

Watch the course

Get instant access below. Login from all of your devices. With no expiration dates or limits, you can review the resources as often as you’d like.

Create your compass

Use the “compass” and the other worksheets map where you want to go— in EVERY area of life. We’ll reverse engineer a path forward.

Start stepping

You’ll identity several small actions you can do immediately to make significant gains. You’ll learn how to order it all so that “life works.”.

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You've got what it takes | You just need a plan

Almost a decade ago I “accidentally” began co-hosting a semi-annual men’s event. We named it Advance, as we wanted our weekend events to help guys move forward— in every are of life.

Helping men grow and… 

🔥 build on-fire marriages

💰 begin making progress financially— and in business

🏀 get healthier, drop weight, start sleeping…

🏆 achieve goals such as writing books, learning new skills, launching new careers

❤️ start investing in their kids

🙏  nurturing their faith

… certainly sounded much better than a weekend “retreat.”

One thing was lacking, though: men needed “tools” to use between events— to build upon the progress and momentum they gained.

In other words, they needed resources they could review, as well as continue building upon.

That’s why we created:

🚌 Advance book + audiobook

🚌 Advance Planner

🚌 Advance on-demand workshop

(And, yes, it works for gals, too!)

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Andrew Edwin Jenkins
Creator | The Advance resources

For years, I taught the Advance only at live workshops. I wrote the workbooks, created the schedules, and then me and a few friends hosted and led the events.

Our movement grew from 20 attendees (Advance 1.0) to over 300 (Advance 10.0), as well as a Facebook group of over 5,000.

In the process, I lost 40+ pounds, shifted careers to work more in alignment with my passion and purpose, stopped working 70-80 hour weeks, grew in my faith, prioritized my kids, and emerged from my shell.

Now, these resources are available for you— on-demand, anywhere you are.

Advance will help you create your personal plan and then begin charting DIRECTION (not distance) and PROGRESS (not perfection)…

… because the extraordinary call on your life is designed to be lived among the “ordinary” time of weekly routines and schedules and all “the other things.”

You CAN do it— I’ll help guide you.

Advance is the tool you need to make progress your daily habit, to make momentum your default way of living.

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As you watch the workshop and complete the worksheets, you’ll discover how to build a bridge from where you are to where you're designed to be.

🚀 How to set goals that get accomplished (instead of getting stuck just after the starting line)— most people make goals in isolation from everything else and don’t realize that every area of life is connected.

🚀 How to identity THE SMALL thing you can do each day that creates the greatest impact— there are certain things you can do which carry a disproportional amount of fire-power, relative to the time and energy required to do them.

🚀 How to keep growing personally AND professionally, so you can achieve a “double win,” and succeed at work and at home.

🚀 How to make sure you don’t confuse ACTION steps with the RESULTS of action steps (these are easy to confuse, and keep people stuck).

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The 13-part video course equips you with the info you need to live an empowered life...

... and move forward-- a little bit each day-- from where you are to where you're designed to be

Part 1 | Define Your Dreams
Part 2 | How & Where to Focus
Part 3 | Habits that Help

First,  you'll learn an innovative (and highly visual!) way to define your dreams-- in 7 areas of life...

... and you'll map your way forward from where you are to where you're designed to be.

If you don’t have a plan, well… the time still passes. And, rather than stewarding that time and telling it what to do— in the same way you can leverage the power of a budget and allocate financial resources in specific ways— the time just… evaporates.

The best solution… is to find a plan that works for you— one that helps you move from where you are to where you’re designed to be.

With each rung we go higher AND closer to realizing our dreams…

💡 What = the head, the idea

⚙️ How = the hands, implementation

💙 Why = the heart, inspiration

🚍 Who = interdependence

🦸‍♂️ You = individuality

In this video we talk through a short parable that illustrates how all of this fits together.

In this lesson we discuss how to…

✅ First, decide where you want to go.

✅ Second, determine where you are (we also discuss the fact that “where you are isn’t who you are).

✅ Third, reverse engineer BACK from where you want to be to where you currently are.

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Second, you'll discover key ingredients of unlocking your full potential, so you can harness your time + stamina + focus...

... and be fully present, wherever you are, even as you focus on the things which matter the most.

You don't have to do something "grant" to achieve something great.

Sometimes it’s the extra phone call. Making the bed. Reading that story to the kid at bedtime. Writing the letter. Going back inside for the “I love you” or the hug.

The small stuff… we'll show you how to identify your "small stuff" and then  leverage it.

In this lesson we discuss how to move from toil and leverage each of these three areas to discover your uniqueness, so that you can live your best life...

... and define part of the unique reason you're (still) on this planet.

Your the calendar is (probably) full. No time on the schedule. That means, in order to clear up time to do the things that need to be done, you’ll probably need to STOP doing some other things.

That can be a HUGE problem with it comes to pursuing your dreams…

… because dreams require time. Concentrated, high-octane time. 

This simple framework will help you prioritize.

Look at EVERY significant turning point in your life- the good ones AND the bad ones. Most of them probably have MORE to do with a RELATIONSHIP than any other factor…

Whereas we tend to plan life around “what” we’ll do… or even “how” we’ll get it done… "who" may very well be the most important question.

In this lesson we'll discuss the importance of relationships. 

Success is more like following a recipe than finding the right lottery ticket…

👉 it’s a proven process. You can look at what others do and you can follow along, getting similar results.

👉 there’s no shortage of success to go around.

We talk you through how to follow the "success recipe" in each area of life and achieve what you want to see happen…

Maybe you’ve heard the phrase “Success changed them.”

Or, “They let success go to their head.”

But, I don’t think success changes people. Rather, I think it reveals what’s already true of people once the limiting factors are removed…

So, we want to work on "us" as we forward to our destiny & dreams.

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Third, you'll develop simple habits which empower you to make progress your daily habit...

... and continue advancing from where you are to where you're designed to be.

The best things can’t be microwaved or short-ordered. The best stuff = slow-cooked. Over time.

And that’s why you have to go for progress, not perfection. That is, just moving a bit closer to your intended destination each day…

And it’s why you chart direction (as in, “am I moving in the right one?”)… not distance (“did I make it all the way?”— totally annoying when kids ask that in the car, right?, yet we crush ourselves with that question in life…).

Experience is a good teacher. But EVALUATED experience is even better.

So, we want to regularly pause and look back to: 

⭐️ recognize how far we've come

⭐️ make shifts that might help us move forward with less friction

The payoff is in the process, not the plan.

Whether it's relationships. Work. Business. Fitness. Weight loss...

Plans are awesome, but walking the path is even better…

In lesson 12 we talk about how to do both— and make a plan you can actually walk each day.

The way things begin is often important. And the way things end.

After watching this video you’ll see the first few moments and the final few moments of each day as sacred space that sets the tone for what you accomplish with the rest of your time.

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... to navigate your life from where you are to where you're designed to be.

13-lesson course

Approximately 15 minutes in length, each lesson is focused and helps strategically “center” you on one of the Advance principles.

Advance audio

You’re busy— and it’s often easier to learn while you’re on-the-go (driving, exercising, chores, etc.).  Watch AND listen.

Worksheets + templates

You’ll receive full access to “The Compass” (one-page overview of your dreams) as well as all the planning temples we use.

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Make Progress Your Daily Habit

Advance Workshop

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