Advance | 5.5 x 8.5 | 600 pages

The field guide to navigate from where you are to where you're designed to be

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This book was created in the trenches

Almost a decade ago I “accidentally” began co-hosting a semi-annual men’s event.

We named it Advance, as we wanted our weekend events to help guys move forward— in every are of life.

Though the event originally began to help men understand a home-based business venture most of us had in common, we quickly shifted gears and began talking about life...

The concepts we taught during our events equipped men to build bridges from where they were to where they wanted to be...

πŸ”₯ build on-fire marriages

πŸ’° begin making progress financially— and in business

πŸ€ get healthier, drop weight, start sleeping…

πŸ† achieve goals such as writing books, learning new skills, launching new careers

❀️ start investing in their kids

πŸ™  nurturing their faith

Together, in these "hands on" workshops, we discovered how to use the power of small actions and incremental change to crate exponential results...

In other words, these men: 

⭐️ Had the desire to do the work 

⭐️ And even had the God-given ability to do it

They just needed a plan, a life-process they could implement and create predictable progress in every area of life.

One thing was lacking, though: men needed “tools” to use between events— to build upon the progress and momentum they gained.

They also needed resources they could review, as well as continue building upon... when they weren't at a live event.

That’s why we created:

🚌 Advance Planner

🚌 Advance on-demand workshop


🚌 Advance book + audiobook

(And, yes, it works for gals, too!)

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Advance is your field guide to live a life by design rather than by default

And, rather than waiting for an event, you can begin today!

1. Buy your book

We'll ship it the same day we receive your order. Access the audiobook right away, so you can begin today.

2. Create your compass

Apply the lessons you learn to define your dreams, engineer a path forward, and begin making progress.

3. Make forward movement

You (+ people close to you) will notice progress within days as you put the Advance principles into practice.

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Your Guidebook

Gain (or re-gain) momentum in life!

Define your dreams and move from here to there

  • Highly applicable = written in everyday language, using terms you can understand and remember
  • 600+ pages, 5.5" x 8.5" paperback = comprehensive overview of soul health
  • But don't let the size fool you. It reads fast + it's energizing.
  • 100+ graphics throughout = see what you're reading
  • Define your dreams in multiple areas of life. Family. Faith. Friends. Finances... 
  • Build a roadmap that actually works. And begin making progress.
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Andrew Edwin Jenkins
Creator | The Advance resources

For years, I taught the Advance only at live workshops. I wrote the workbooks, created the schedules, and then me and a few friends hosted and led the events.

Our movement grew from 20 attendees (Advance 1.0) to over 300 (Advance 10.0), as well as a Facebook group of over 5,000.

In the process, I lost 40+ pounds, shifted careers to work more in alignment with my passion and purpose, stopped working 70-80 hour weeks, grew in my faith, prioritized my kids, and emerged from my shell.

Now, these resources are available for you— on-demand, anywhere you are.

Advance will help you create your personal plan and then begin charting DIRECTION (not distance) and PROGRESS (not perfection)…

… because the extraordinary call on your life is designed to be lived among the “ordinary” time of weekly routines and schedules and all “the other things.”

You CAN do it— I’ll help guide you.

Advance is the tool you need to make progress your daily habit, to make momentum your default way of living.

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The book begins by outlining the Advance framework

We use "the ladder" for the Advance framework.

For each of the key areas of life, we’ll discuss— 

πŸ’‘WHAT (your big idea), 

βš™οΈ HOW (your implementation strategy),

πŸ’™ WHY (the inner drive, your heart, the inspiration), 

🚌 WHO (the people with whom you're connected, interdependent), and 

πŸ‘‰ YOU (your unique individuality).

We'll define each, for every one of your dreams, and equip you to move from where you are to where you want to be.

And, this 2-page spread (we call it The Compass) helps you chart your direction AND then equips you by having everything on a single page--

This will become your roadmap, your personal playbook, to move from where you are now to where you're designed to be.


You'll learn to: 

🧭 Chart progress-- not perfection (because no one is perfect, and you can "pause away" all your potential unless you "press play every day" and get moving)

🧭 Map direction-- not distance (because it's easy to get overwhelmed by the bigger picture, yet every bit of movement takes you forward


The compasses empowers you to identify your destiny- and begin living the presence of your best future today!

A glimpse into the events that inspired the book 

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First, define your dreams.

You probably have them in multiple areas: 

πŸ’™ Your healthy & fitness

πŸ’° Your finances-- and even what you do to earn money

🏠 Your family, including your spouse / significant other, your kids, and your extended family 

πŸ›  Projects you'd like to take on

πŸ™ Faith  

πŸŽ‰ Other, including friendships 

Second, determine when & how to do the work.

Many people confuse goals with action-steps. They confuse the map with the journey. 

We'll help you leverage: 

⏰ Your time 

⚑️ Your energy 

πŸ” Your focus

As a result of...

πŸ“• working through the book, your personal field guide

🧭 creating your personal compass, based on the concepts you learn

You-- and the people closest to you-- will...

Third, notice your forward movement, in multiple areas of life.

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This 5-part guidebook empowers you to define your dreams in multiple areas of life, then offers you practical tools to move from here to there.

Part 1 = What = the idea in your head

It may be business, it might be health. It could even be a relationship with your kids or a rockin' marriage.

At the Advance workshops where we teach this material live, the answers vary dramatically-- and each answer is unique to each individual.

This is the where we build the bridge from "here to there" and then start stepping!

Part 2 = How = implementing the dream by the work of your hands

The implemenation of the idea comes next.

Face it: you'll get further if you know WHAT you're doing that someone who doesn't. But, you'll for further still if you know HOW to actually do the thing you're destined to do...

The "place in life" we are now, well, it's a result of the skills we have-- or the actions we take.

Part 3 = Why = the inspiration in your heart

The heart. The drive.

Business is hard work. So are relationships. Even the great ones.

In every thing you do there are ups and downs. You'll uncover the thing that drives you, so you can keep going.

Part 4 = Who = interdependence  

We weren't designed to dream (or "do the dreams") alone. Your dreams were meant to be, and are better, when they're shared.

Enter, the bus.

You'll learn all about raw, real relationships in this facet of the framework...

Part 5 = You = individuality

The greatest external output alwas begins with an internal process. You change before your world around you does.

As we ascend the ladder and tie it all together, we wrap by affirming the greatness that's in you.

It's already there...

You may have just forgotten about it, or it may have gotten pushed aside in the hustle of life.

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