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Here's where you grow

advance who Feb 07, 2017

We grow more through our interaction with other people than we do from books we read and classes we attend. Don't get me wrong, I love both. But, let's be real- the best part of attending any class, any workshop, or any seminar is really the people you meet. More happens outside of the sessions...

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Who's on the bus?

advance the ladder who Dec 27, 2016

In our task-driven, production-oriented culture, we often look at WHAT we want to do, first. However, the greatest thing is not WHAT we do or even HOW we do it... it's the WHO, the people you ride with.

When you get that in order, everything else seems to take care of itself :-)

Let me back...

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The Imago Dei in you

advance the ladder who Dec 20, 2016


When I was in college, finding "The Will of God" was the buzz phrase of the moment. It seems every few years the Church-as-a-whole cycles through a new trend-

* Like contemporary music vs. hymns

* Doing church "campuses" online

* Social justice

Now, don't misread me. None of these issues...

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Paper Plane

advance the ladder who Dec 13, 2016

I participated in this exercise at a leadership workshop one afternoon in which the facilitator lined us against the back wall of the room, asked us to make a paper plane, and then had us toss them one-by-one, launching them across the room.


* most planes took a quick nose...

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