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Video: Success doesn’t change people

advance advance planner video Jul 02, 2021

“Success changed them.”

I’ve heard it a bunch. You probably have, too.

The truth is more like this— success didn’t change them. Rather, success—

👉 removed the artificial constraints that time + money + position often impose on us

👉 created space where we could see the “true” character of the person…


It turns out this one's true of the biggest success and the deepest trials we face…

Trials also reveal who we are…

You know the saying, “When a lemon gets squeezed…”

Yeah, lemon juice comes out…

And when a person gets squeezed…

Or, when a person gets FREED…

Whether on the mountain top or in the valley... the stress of BOTH highlights what's inside of us.


I used to believe it— that success transforms people. Turns out, it doesn't. It just gives them the opportunity, once the social norms and confines are gone, to display who they really are.

Used to think that trials create undo pressure and cause us to behave in ways that "aren't us," as well. But, maybe there's more going on there.

You see, unless it's IN you it can't come OUT of you, right?

So, you squeeze YOU, it's like squashing a lemon. Lemon juice- or the true you- will come out every time.

That is, BOTH extremes highlight what's in us.

Think about it. Without any condemnation.


What's the application? 

Identity the blind spots, the hidden issues, and work on them...


Otherwise, they might bite us later...

(A great tool for this is the new Oola digital Design My Life Blueprint. Learn more here.)

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