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Blog: Top 7 = Another wrestling tournament, Thanksgiving break begins…

blog top 7 Nov 22, 2021

Another wresting tournament, Thanksgiving break begins…

Here’s the top 7 highlights from the past week— one in each of the big key areas of life.



Fitness = Oak Mountain Eagles win the Chelsea Duals wrestling tournament

We spent ANOTHER Saturday wrestling— much like my parents did when I was in high school. This one, a varsity tournament (last week = junior high).

That’s a pic of the team— 5 matches in, they won the team tournament.

🚌 πŸšŒπŸšŒπŸšŒ


Finance = The Freedom March, 5-Week Intensive launches, enrollments come in, class begins the 22nd!

Just finished a one-week enrollment (opened the cart Tuesday — Saturday), to begin the 5-week intensive.

Learn more about the course here:



Family = Kids now on Fall break, home for 10 days

Friday after school marked Thanksgiving break. Picked them up, so they’re home for 10 days straight…

Most Friday nights we grab a pizza and just “chill” for the night. So, here’s Mini, pizza in hand, blue-blocker glasses on head…



Field = Meet-up with Shawn at the John Hand Club, dinner after

Earlier this week I had a meet-up with Shawn, who started Courage to Lead a few years ago. His organization coaches marketplace and ministry leaders alike.

Several weeks ago (back in September), I began doing some work with them. We spent a few hours Wednesday afternoon working through a few ideas, then grabbed dinner at a cool restaurant downtown…



Faith = Another round of edits on the LifeLift framework

This week I took another editing run at the LifeLift book. Soon, I’ll turn it into a workbook, as well as a video course to launch on the website / new app.

When I began writing the material (based on an original book my dad wrote about 20 years ago, with his permission and insistence to re-release it), I felt like we needed to go back and include some info on identity…

Re-reading the material has been incredible for me, as the resource goes deep into who we really are…



Friends = Carol and Richard drop by

Carol Peters (on the right) found my book in a thrift store, in my hometown, about 6 months ago. Then,m he searched for me through the website provided in the book… scheduled a Zoom… and has become a friend.

Richard (middle) flew over from Kenya this week to visit Carol. The two of them decided to drop by earlier this week…




Fun = Long, easy day of “nothing” with Beth

One of the best moments of the week was a day we spent doing nothing at all… just me and Beth. We woke up, watched TV (binged another dose of “24”), went to a movie, got something to eat…

I’m so thankful for a relationship in which doing “nothing” is the most “something” of all..


That’s the highlight reel for the week.

There’s always MORE big stuff and MORE minutia…

But, every night (again, except the nights I fall asleep watching TV!), I take a few minutes and flip through my planner. It has two pages per day for planning, followed by two pages per day for reflecting and journaling.

The journaling pages include a few prompts (i.e., “Three things you’re thankful for today…”, “Something you could have done better…”, “An area where you added value to your family, your business, or some one else…”).

I use this tool to keep me focused— and (as much as possible) push everything in the same direction.

You’ve got a lot going on, too. The planner will help you achieve more while focusing on the things which matter the most.

Take a free test drive by downloading the ENTIRE planner at  or purchase the hardback at 


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