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Blog: Top 7 = two birthdays, going global w/ #1B7, and more…

blog top 7 Aug 09, 2021

Last week included two birthdays, going global w/ #1B7, and more…



Fitness = started thinking about what I do once the #75HardChallenge is complete…

In case you need a refresher, here’s how the challenge works…

✅ Follow a meal plan of your choice

✅ No cheat days

✅ No alcohol

✅ Two 45-minute workouts each day— one of which must be outside

✅ Take a progress picture each day

✅ Read 10 pages per day (audiobooks don’t count)

✅ Drink 1 gallon of water

With the end in sight (Today is day 50— so 25 days to go), I’m beginning to think about what the next “thing” looks like…

I’ll keep SOME of the exercise (though not all)…

And I’ll continue drinking my water (there were days BEFORE the challenge when I would drink BARELY a glass a day…)

I’ll also continue reading…

But, I’m beginning to think about what the next steps look like, particularly in light of the OVERALL view of fitness I like to take— that it includes our physical health but also our mental and emotional and soul wholeness…

I’ll post more as I flesh that out.


Finance = new bank accounts, LLCs, planning…

Sounds mundane, but it was necessary. We spent about 2 hours this week at Regions opening new accounts.

With the first bits of income coming through from the #1B7 launch, it was time to—

✅ open new LLCs

✅ open bank accounts for each

It makes the highlight reel for the week, because this step will help us manage the resources that come our way through the launch— and the ongoing coaching.


Family = quick day ride to HSV and back…

We hadn’t seen my parents for a while, so we shot up to Hunstville this Wednesday to grab lunch and spend a few hours at their house.

Mandy brought her kids along.

Pic below = Dani. While at Jason’s Deli I learned she mimics any face you make. So, I grabbed the camera and tried to get her to do everything from smiles to “mean mugs” to whatever…

Here we are back at the house.

Dani is at the age where she reminds me of my first recollections of Mandy.

Mandy just turned 40— and was named AFTER me and Matthew (Matthew = M + Andy = A = Mandy). We were 7 and 5 when she was born (yes, she was a surprise).

My parents THOUGHT she was a boy, so they had a completely different name selected (Jonathan David). At the hospital… well… surprise…

Because of the age difference, Mandy connected more with my Mom and us when she was little. In fact, she referred to Matthew and me as a “unit.”

We were called….


“The Brothers.”

I know. Points for originality.


We called her “The Shadow,” since she literally nipped my Mom’s heels wherever she went.

(There was no “bad blood” or rivalry here— these are just the terms we used.)

Mandy turned 40 the day BEFORE Levi turned 15— I talk about him some below.


Field = Made a few great connections with new team leaders re: the #1B7 project…

For all the bunk that social media brings, it also creates some of the greatest connections, relationships we wouldn’t otherwise have.

This week, a life coach from New Zealand joined our #1B7 team, as well as a writer / coach /speaker from Kansas City. I’m looking forward to see where BOTH of those opportunities to “do more together than we can do alone” land.


Faith = Emotionally Healthy Leadership = a great read…

Well, I suppose it’s a great “read.” I’ve been digesting the audiobook.

If you’ve followed some of the teaching on soul health (see the Soul Wholeness book + audiobook + workshop for instance), you’ll likely recognize the name Peter Scazzerro. He’s an author I refer to multiple times, as his first book provided incredible insight for me during a tough transition I was forced to make several years ago…

(Learn more about Soul Wholeness at

On the way up to Hunstville, Beth + I listened to the chapter on “Leading from Your Marriage.” Those pages— or minutes of audio— alone are worth the cost of the book / audiobook.

(You can find his book here:, and the audiobook here:

In this chapter he talks about—

👉 doing marriage BEFORE you do your job or role.

👉 intentionally learning each others gifts and skills and working together as a unit rather than as two individuals.

👉 doing so in such a way that it models Christ and the church, such that people see something “bigger and better” going on than just two people doing life together.

And he talks about—

👉 his and his wife’s commitment to spending 20 minutes together NAKED each day.

(You’ve got to listen / read— especially if that makes you uneasy to think about… Besides the church’s lack of discussion about healthy sexuality may very well be one of the reasons sexuality has “jumped the shark” in our culture… everyone is having the convo EXCEPT for the church.)


Friends = reconnection…

A few years ago I used to see a man named Gene at the prayers walks we helped host and lead throughout the city. He prayed for me, with me…

… and was always present in every sense of the word.

Recently, we connected on Facebook, after a few tough seasons of life (different, for sure).

It’s amazing what a one-hour convo at the coffee shop with a trusted friend from the past does for the soul when there is not agenda except for just to be present…


Fun = weekend fun includes too long of a wait at #PFChang's, as well as a movie with #Mini…

I talk about Mini a lot— and, since it was Levi’s birthday, I’ll talk about him here…

So four of us went to PF Chang’s Friday evening for the 🎂— it’s a longer story for a video about how a 40 minute wait turned into an hour turned into 1.5 hours turned into…


I remember bumping into older folks back when we had a bunch of little ones…

… back when we were just trying to keep our head above water.

“Savor it,” they said. “The time passes fast.”

And as a then-parent with small kids YOU ARE actually hoping some of it DOES fly by— whether it’s the 16th rewatch of the same movie, re-reading the same bedtime book… whatever.

But then it passes, and you think…


Levi has always been unique. And, in some sense, I have a different type of relationship with him…

… he used to intuitively know when I was going to be home and would greet me at the back door.

… and then there was the time when he was pushing through the “terrible 2s” and I had to create a “boot camp” for him, basically keeping him by my side for a season.

… and he always wanted to “go to work” with me when I was working outside the house (the rule was he could go, but if he did he had to work— and he did.)

… and then this year he picked up the same sport…

… and he’s growing in SO MANY awesome ways.


“This is my son in whom I am well pleased” (Matthew 3:17, 17:5).



Fifteen years…

In a flash.

A good flash. And grateful for it, but geez, right?!


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