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Top 7 = Flipping the #TinyHouse, new Vans

blog top 7 Aug 08, 2022

This week’s Top 7 includes Mini’s new Vans, flipping the tiny house, and off-loading our infamous triple bunk. 



Fitness = long run, Sunday, Crosswinds book…

Generally, I try to workout earlier in the day— if I don’t get it done first thing in the morning, it I usually gets pushed aside by other things.

Saturdays and Sundays can be exceptions. Sometimes. 

This Sunday wasn’t too hot (it never seems that way when you first step out, even though the heat index feels significantly higher after pounding a few miles in the Hoka’s), so I took off for a run. 

It was perfect. I kept the headphones off— for most of the run— and then got back, took a shower, and went an finished a few edits on them upcoming PTSD / Moral Injury Bible study for Crosswinds Foundation.



Finance = sold old triple bunk, mini vans shoes… 

The triple bunks— which got the boys through the apartment, then the first renovation of the Hilltop (pre-tiny house and pre-more bedrooms) sold. 

As we moved the boys into their own rooms (everyone now has their own space, due in large part to ALL of the 18yo+ kids moving into their own apartments), Beth 

decided, “The triple bunk, though it’s served us well, is gone.”

(See more about “flipping the tiny house” in the entry below.)

She listed it on Facebook Marketplace, and it was gone— mattresses and all— by the end of the week. The new owner even sent back a pic of the new install.

Turns out, this one is being repurposed for ONE girl (not three boys), who has an EXCESSIVE amount of plushies (our 9yo, Salter, totally relates).


Mini and I took our calendared-trip to the Galleria this weekend, as well— as soon as I helped Dennis (the buyer of the bunk) load it into his truck. 

A few months ago, Mini asked me, “Can I get some new Vans for school?”

“Do you need them now, or do you need them for school?”

She needed them for school.

I told her, “I’ve written a few proposals— at the request of some people who wanted me to do some contract work for them. If BOTH of those come through, we’ll go get the Vans.”

“How much do they pay?” Mini asked.

“None of your business,” I laughed. “But it’s enough to buy your Vans.”

Both proposals DID come through…

(Learn more about the project-work we can do at )

… so I told her, “We got them. Do you want to go get the Vans?”

“No,” she said. “We can just get them at school-time. I really only want them for school…”


That was a little over a month ago. We put the date on the calendar, and marked a time for NOW, that we would go. 

I also explained to her, “I would have bought the shoes for you, anyway. We can afford them. But, I wanted you to see that, sometimes, just because you DO have the money doesn’t mean you should just go spend it. You can go earn what you need for the next thing… or, make a reward for completing a project or something… like a small carrot in the future or something…”

So that made the Top 7 this week for Finance— 

  • Selling the infamous triple bunk— to someone who will use it (and making 💰by getting rid of something we weren’t using anymore), and 
  • Buying the shoes— which was my reward for landing two big projects



Family = flipped the tiny house

We also “flipped” the tiny house this week. Now, I don’t mean that we flipped it in the way people generally use that term now (selling for a quick profit). Rather, we moved the girls OUT of the tiny house and we moved the boys IN the house. 

The previous set up at the Hilltop was this— 

  • Beth and me and our offices, etc., upstairs in the main house 
  • The boys in the three bedrooms (and small living room) downstairs….
  • The girls in the tiny house

But one of the girls is entering her senior year of college, and then is moving into her own place. And another is moving out to do the school thing…

… and two already have their own apartments.

… and that just leaves Mini, who doesn’t need an entire four bedroom, 1200 square foot “tiny house” to herself. 

So we pulled the trigger and flipped it…

👉 four boys to the tiny house

👉 one girls to the downstairs of the main house (with a posh room, a living room, and guest rooms, on her own

Here’s part of the transition— 

And here’s a look at Salter’s (9) updated room. He’d been on the bottom of the triple bunk until this.

(Yes, that’s a desk under his bed— which is covered in plush animals.)

Not certain about his ability to stay on the bed the first night (he is now), he used the 3 foot sloth that Anna “let him keep for her” as his railing.

He has no idea I took this…

The “flip” worked great. I’ll post more pics in the next few weeks, as the boys settle into their new space…

… and, of course, if you’re local, join us for the next Hilltop Hangout / cookout. 



Field = Crosswinds book, Sunday… Monday, Thursday… a few swipes

This week was all about the Crosswinds’ book I mentioned above. I’m excited about this project, because it’s the first time we’ve taken the issues of PTSD + Moral Injury and addressed them as a Bible study. 



Faith = 12-step group

This week I spoke at the 12-step group at Word Alive (Oxford, Alabama). Two of the leaders here… 

If you’re in the area, join us. I’ll be there for the next 12 weeks (at least), as we teach the material to 200+ residents in the recovery program AND train 30-40 leaders…



Friends = ? 

No friends entry for this week— was catching up on a work, flipping a house, and more.



Fun = Judah, movie

Judah and I went to see Bullet Train— which is the best action-flick I’ve seen in the past year. 



That’s the highlight reel for the week. As you know by now— if you’ve been here before— I try to crank these out once a week. 

I sit down at some point each weekend, ideally on a Sunday afternoon, while planning the week ahead and doing my weekly review of the week behind, and make a few notes. The planner I use— which I designed for the Advance workshops I led for a season— contains journaling prompts for each day where I, generally, jot down 3 things I’m grateful for (as well as some things I could have done better, etc.). 

You can download the planner free at

Or, purchase it in our online store at 

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