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Blog: Top 7 = Whether you choose to do something beneficial with the time is up to you

blog top 7 Aug 02, 2021

Whether you choose to do something BENEFICIAL with the time that is passing is up to you…

... that's one of my themes for the week.


Fitness = I just finished week 6 of the #75HardChallenge, which means I’ve got just at a month to go...

(I’ll finish September 3rd.)

Around the 3rd day, I began recoding some of my reflections.

This week, I thought about time…. And the fact that time passes, even if you choose NOT to do something useful with the string of 24 hour increments we receive each day….

One of the biggest obstacles we have... is our perception of TIME, and how much of it we have, or how long the dream will take, how much time might pass for healing comes, before we're able to launch into our next mission, discover our purpose... or whatever it is...

We don't like waiting...

Or, waiting (sometimes) intimidates us.

But, regardless of how long it takes to move from where you are to where you want to be, remember... that time is going to pass anyway. Might as well do something productive with it...


Somebody told me that your checkbook reveals what’s important to you. That is, follow the trail of where your money goes and we can see what truly matters…

Same is true of TIME.

It’s easy to say we value certain things, but… when we turn and look at where the time was invested, the calendar SOMETIMES tells a different story, right?


Push ahead.

When I began the challenge, I thought I had SO LONG to go…

And I still do.

But now I look in the rearview mirror and see great progress…

Same for you.

In a few days, weeks, whenever you’ll look back in the rear view mirror and be glad you did.



Finance = was the focal point in our #HilltopHangout group this past week— and it’s the target for the men’s mastermind THIS week…

The main idea: you can serve payments or your purpose, but not both.

This week we tackle “family” in the group.

Want to join in the action?

πŸ‘‰ The Hilltop Hangout Facebook group, where we push through key areas of life, finding balance and growth, so we can walk in our purpose = 

πŸ‘‰ The Men’s Mastermind = learn more at 

(Now is a GREAT time to jump into the men’s group. We just launched last week.)


Family = this week we had a full house… and it was easy….

And, there were a few reconnections and deeper connections made.

Sometime about two weeks ago, I posted to Instagram that Beth + I have approached our situation from the mindset of creating a place of BELONGING.

We got married last November, in our mid-40s…

We’ve messed-up a lot.

… and have been FAR from perfect.

(And are in the process of rebuilding, mid-life.)

I mean, let’s be overly transparent… and face it, that’s how we met in the first place… in the wake of the fallout of the imperfections of life… it’s THE very reason we even have this shot at rebuilding together and getting it right.

Here’s something we’ve been #NailingIt on, though…

Or, more accurately, Beth has been…

“I don’t like the idea of blended families,” she told me. “I mean, the concept, yes, but not the term…”

Side note: she’s totally taken ownership of ALL of the kids. Even at the wedding, she was referring to Salter as “our youngest.” And, there aren’t any lines in how she treats the others. That gal in the pic is #Mini— technically “mine.”

“Blending sounds violent,” Beth continued. “Like you just toss people together and they lose their identity and you never know what comes out…”

I thought about milkshakes and protein supplements and other things I’ve tossed in blenders before…

She was right.

“What people REALLY want— and need—“ she continued— “is BELONGING.”

And— “They just need a safe place to land. Somewhere to know the door is always open, that they always have a place, that their voice matters, that they matter…”



Not blending.


(Again, we’re discussing family this week in the Hilltop group— join free at



Field = after the launch of the Oola #1B7 project, we were able to look back, evaluate some things we did well, critique a few things we could have done better, and put it to paper…

Now, we’ve to a road map we’re using to help people who want to grow a home-based business than helps others—

βœ… live with less stress

βœ… grow in each of the important areas of life as they do (fitness, finance, family, field / career, faith, friends, fun)

βœ… identify— and walk in— their God-given purpose

βœ… earn a healthy income— whether it’s side-hustle or full-time— as they do

If you’re invested in learning, more, go to, complete the quick questionnaire, and see if this might be something for you.

We’ve got a great system, and we’ll help— even if you have no experience!

Here’s a pic I took about one of our training ops, showing that we can help you grow “fast and furious” or “slow and steady” (think tortoise and hare, with both finishing).

Faith = as I continue pushing my way through the Old Testament (I chose to read the Bible for the self-development reading portion of #75Hard, I’ve been hit again and again at how practical and timeless the book is…


βœ… When you go into the Promised Land, let foreigners come in and join you.

βœ… But the foreigners who come in have to JOIN you and leave the old identity behind…

Almost sounds too simplistic, doesn’t it?

And totally relevant…


Friends = Beth took a trip to the beach, second half of this week, with some of the gals…

This one is important, because everyone needs friends. And, I see couples all the time who have little connection with each other— and little connection with people outside of each other.

The truth is that your significant other CANNOT supply everything you need….

… and they weren’t designed to.

Beth has a group of gals who’ve walked through highs and lows with each other, who’ve celebrated massive gains and tremendous losses together…

They usually take a few days to rally together once a year. But, with Covid and everything else, it’s been a while…


Fun = this week I realized I work way too much— once I get into a project. And, I can FEEL IT when I do, because my brain starts to… fizzle.

Saturday, I paused all of that, took some time to exercise and read and do my other #75Hard… let’s just call them “opportunities for growth”… and then sat in front of the television, for a few hours at a time.

Em, our cinematic aficionado, has been telling me to watch WandaVision, Loki, and Falcon / Winter Soldier, for MONTHS… so, I knocked WandaVision off the list.

(I got some valuable Roblox-time in with an important 8-year old, a trip to Barnes & Noble with Mini, and some other shenanigans in, too.)

And, yes….I DO feel recharged…

Sometimes, the rest is as beneficial as the productivity. Both are needed. A time for all things, right? 


Here are the links mentioned above:

βœ… Our Facebook group = 

βœ… Men’s Mastermind = 

βœ… Take a look at the biz opportunity = form at 

βœ… Download the planner I'm using, where I record these reflections at 

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