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Blog: After a season of shoveling poop, this is getting fun

blog top 7 Jul 12, 2021

After walking through some tough seasons— a chapter of shoveling loads of loads of poop— this is a fun time…


Fitness = This week I finished the 3rd week of #75Hard…

On the outset, this seems like physical challenge, because of a few of the requirements:

✅ Drink one gallon of water per day

✅ Choose a meal plan, with no cheat days and no alcohol

✅ Two workouts per day, 45-minutes each, one of which must be outside…

Oddly enough, the biggest transformation is MENTAL, though.

You learn that—

👉 The body adapts rapidly. After about 10 days, the body says, “OK. I guess this is what we do now…” And it just finds the groove.

👉 The mind shifts… you begin seeing old habits pop up (like grabbing snacks by default), you start realizing you can do FAR MORE than you thought (i.e., doubling the normal amount of exercise and doing it every day), reading as a requirement at some point during the day, etc…

It makes me wonder…

What if we regularly pushed ourselves for different intervals during “normal life” in order to achieve other things…?

🤷‍♂️ Go all in on marriage for 30 days…?

🤷‍♂️ Spend 60 days, getting up early, to write the book you’ve been putting off…?

🤷‍♂️ Take 90 days to read through the entire Bible, focusing ONLY on accomplishing that…?

Just a few thoughts…


Finance = we had great movement on our team this week, which enabled us to hit several bonuses…

This was much-welcome, as a few former income streams transitioned with the launch of Oola’s 1B7 or disappeared altogether.


Family = Perspective.

Last week was the launch of 1B7… kids were patient and helpful during that season. And, at the same time, Beth’s Mom had surgery (things went well). This helped keep everything in perspective, I believe, as to what really matters— even while pushing to something big.


Field = We’ve got an open door policy at our house.

Policy is… anybody can drop by, just about any time.

And they do.

One of our team members, Brittany, reached out about 10 days ago…

“Hey, I’m coming through town. What if I just drop by Sunday afternoon?”

“That’s the 4th of July.”

“Oh,” she replied. “I forgot…”

“No, it’s fine with us,” I said. “Just wanted to make sure you knew…”


The pic above = Brittany at the house.

(We love it when people come by— it’s why we painted door blue, which will be the topic of another post. One day, Beth had a call scheduled with ANOTHER gal on our team. The gal had an interview set for a few miles away and was headed to our side of town. So, she trekked this way about an hour early, to talk in person, instead of making a phone call.)


Faith = looping back to the #75Hard…

… I decided I would start back on page 1 of the Bible and just begin pushing through. I did some quick math and realized that if I only do the 10 pages per day I won’t finish the entire text in 75 days, so…

👉 I’ll read a few extra pages each day, as time permits

👉 I’m going to just keep reading the 10+ after the challenge is over, and push on to the end.

This has been one of the greatest blessings + benefits of the challenge.


Friends = Last Sunday (4th), my friend Tania reached out… she was headed to town.

I’ve known her since late high school, but became friends with her in college. She and I both stayed local, when all of our friends dispersed to move away…

Tania was a great friend during an odd season for me— that time when you’re still a teen but not yet an adult, those moments when you begin evaluating what you’re doing to do with life, those times when people are partnering off and pushing in different directions and you often feel alone…

“We’re going to Trisha’s place,” she said. “Come on down if you guys can!”

Trisha is family.

So, we thought, let’s do it…

We made the quick drive to Homewood— about 10 minutes away.

It’s moments like this that remind me that OFTEN there are other things to do. Sit back. Relax. Or drop into a project…

But connecting with people ALWAYS takes a bit of time…

… AND It is always SO WORTH the small effort in comparison to the rewards of authenticity and grace that’s exchanged.


Fun = Thursday we grabbed dinner with Randy + Tammy at North Italia, one of our fav restaurants.

It hit me as I was looking back at my day-planner, reflecting on this week…

We did ALL of this stuff, and yet I didn’t get ANY pictures of it…?

Such is life.

I’d love the pics.

But it’s more important to live present, I think…

And, besides, it doesn’t all need to go on social media or in a blog post, or anywhere else, anyway…


That’s the highlight reel for the week. It was another one of those times when I was able to look back, as often happens, and think, “Gee… we are blessed.”

After walking through some tough seasons— a chapter of shoveling loads of loads of poop— this is a fun time.



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