The grip of grace is always stronger than you imagine... 

Freedom + Healing is NOW (not later).

Regardless of where the past has taken you, your future is grand...


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More details...

First, sometimes = intro music. I figured, "Why do we spend 30-45 minutes prepping a short intro when what people really want is the substance anyway?" So, with that, I canned it. Now, I just turn on the mic and talk. I explain some of this in the first episode. 

Second, the topics have changed. I'm discussing radical grace + supernatural freedom. In fact, my goal is simply to teach God's presence and power to normal people. I think you'll love it. 

Please, take a look- and a listen. The links are above. 

Questions, comments, or anything you'd like me to cover... you know how to get in touch :-) 


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