The way your day begins matters...

Learn why you need a morning "power up" routine, and how to start one 

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The way things begin is often important. And the way things end.

Think about it…

✅ Movies grab your attention in the first few minutes, or you tune them out.

✅ Books capture your imagination within the first few pages, or you toss them aside.

✅ Even first impressions of people, places, and things transform our thinking…


The same is true with how are day begins. 

☀️The morning “power up” routine is a way for you to outline “your perfect morning.” Sure, mornings don’t always go as planned, but pondering the best case scenario here allows you to frame the possibilities… and, then to repeat the scenarios which work best for you.

🌙 The same is true with the evening. The “power down,” that is “perfect evening” routine acknowledges that in the same way kids need to “cool off” and “wind down” from their day, so also do adults.

After watching this video you’ll see the first few moments and the final few moments of each day as sacred space that sets the tone for what you accomplish with the rest of your time.