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Video: What is success?

advance planner video May 07, 2021


What is it?

If you line 17 people up and start taking answers, you’ll find 13 or 14 different ones. A few of the people will agree, but most of them will share their unique angle. That’s what makes defining success more more akin to stapling jello to the wall than actually drafting a life plan. 

So, let’s define it like this, something which leaves some flex and interpretation for all of us. Something which requires some soul-searching, too. 

Success = living up to your God-given potential in each area of life.

How’s that?

I like that statement— 

  • It’s easy to remember.
  • It acknowledges we can be successful in some areas while struggling to make it work in other areas.
  • It admits the opposite, too. Although we might be failing in some areas that doesn’t mean we’re “losers.” We might still be crushing it in other facets of life. We should celebrate those wins even while working on our deficiencies. 
  • It honors the Creation-potential in each of us, realizing that much of what we achieve is going to depend on the deposit of the Kingdom placed in us by God. And, really, that’s different for each of us.


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