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Blog: Top 7 = hang-over from Vegas + back in the groove

top 7 Sep 20, 2021

The Top 7 for this past week includes the last of the Vegas trip, cranking out a new book on the plane, and a friend dropping by unplanned during the middle of the week…

And, we’re back in the groove of Wednesday night date night :-)


Fitness = Last Monday = the last day we spent in Vegas (weekend work trip, 09-10 through 09/13). I decided to run from our hotel (the Virgin, formerly the Hard Rock) to the “old strip.”

Made it to Circus Circus and was shocked by how “different” it all looked than the newer Vegas. At this same time, it was somewhat nostalgic for me. I remember visiting there back around 1990…

My parents plotted vacations years in advance, endeavoring to take us to see some sights we might not see otherwise. My siblings and I have all see the all of Washington (the District), New York, Niagara Falls… Philadelphia…

… most of the big “must sees” throughout the U.S.

One summer, we flew to Phoenix. Rented a car. Then drove around, making a huge loop that covered LA, the Grand Canyon, and Vegas (among some other places).


Finance = my talk in Vegas was business-based… on the compensation plan for Oola Global.

I wore a jacket to the event— just to prove I could pull it off :-)

And, of course, took it off after the event— which was held on the top floor of the Virgin Hotel (formerly, the Hard Rock), with the Vegas strip in the background. Here’s a shot with a few of the guys— from the master bathroom.

I decided, on the way out, to drop my notes— and the graphics from my presentation (all created with Sharpie markers)— into a Pages document on my computer…

The result = a book on the biz side of that project that’s currently in editing, courtesy of the flight there and back.


Family = Wednesday night date night…

After spending the weekend together, I wondered if we would still do it. And, we did.

Glad we chose to STILL take the time, step out of everything else going on, and just enjoy being present with one another.

This week = I had a gift card from a previous failed attempt to enjoy a dinner at PF Chang’s with some of the kids. So, we opted to use the gift card.

(Upon looking back at this photo, I’m totally surprised how similar the back wall at PF Chang’s is to an Olan Mills backdrop!)


Field = Best of work last week (IMO) was taking advantage of the work trip, extending the time, and enjoying the lazy day in Vegas last Sunday.

One of my fav shots from the weekend…

Here are a few of the friends— Sharon and Jules— who were out of camera when Beth and I got the first—


Faith = I spent more time studying the soul and the spirit this week, digging into the concepts from the Soul Wholeness project. This is a project I’ll release in a new app in a few weeks…

… as well as a group coaching opportunity (online), which others can join.

I’m excited to teach this— and will refine the workbook / journaling prompts for that group this week.

A few months ago, a group I worked with before actually re-shot the videos I created, swiped by slides during the evening (doing screenshots of them while watching me teach), mimicked my script… and then actually shot themselves on film, passing it off as their own.

Foul ball.

Soul health is something which I’m convinced you can’t just grab from a book or a class… you’ve got to actually walk it out, learn it in the trenches (with some help, ideally), and THEN you can pass it on to others.

(You especially can’t “cut and paste” it from someone else’s work 😂.)



Friends = my friend Michael dropped by the house Tuesday. He just moved around the the block, not too far from one of my running loops here near the #Hilltop.

We lit the fire on the back porch, grabbed the bourbon, and just talked…

It was another reminder that, no matter how busy life is, make time to just sit + pause + enjoy the people around you.



Fun = the most fun of the week was the final day in Vegas, for sure… and just enjoying the un-rushed time together.


That's the highlight reel for the week. As always, I make a few notes each night about my fav things from the day, the lessons I learned (and the things I could do better!). Download the free planner here: 

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