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Blog: Top 7 = Pause fitness, forgot fun, but mark one year working on #TinyHouse

top 7 May 17, 2021

This week I paused the fitness, forgot the fun, and marked one year working on the #TinyHouse

I enjoyed this week on so many levels-- even if I forgot to actually slow down, look around, and have fun. I mean, when you actually enjoy the work and the family and the friends and everything else in life, you're probably doing something right... right?




🚌 Fitness = I took a week off from exercise this week…

Here’s why—

❌ You can’t go full throttle all the time

❌ I just finished another run at round 1 of Insanity and am about to roll into round 2, plus amp it up some…

And, besides, I’ve learned that rest is as important as the work… in every area of life.


🚌 Finance = Great momentum in the #1B7 project (make a positive impact on 1 billion people in seven years)

For the past few years, I juggled a few projects— all of which I’ve loved (I’ve written about them on this website, shared about them in my social media feeds, and even talked about them on my podcast). I never foresaw a day when I would move on from either of those projects, on any level…

… but, through a strange and twisting turn of events, I’m now developing something new (no burnt bridges, all the relationships from the previous places remain in tact, no awkwardness other than the normal transitional change)…

We picked up some MAJOR momentum in the #1B7 movement this week.

βœ… A good friend I haven’t seen in person in over a decade joined the team

βœ… One gal, a family friend, we met five years ago, reached out via Instagram (DM)

βœ… Another lady reached out via Instagram (DM) and invited a friend to join Beth + me for a Zoom call to discuss the opportunity…

(We call them Thelma + Louise b/c the call took place while they were in the car, zipping around a Sam’s parking lot.)

βœ… The waitress we used to see every other day or so at Cowfish (formerly a fav hangout, now closed) hopped in…

βœ… Others I know from places I’ve spoken, events I’ve led, etc., became valued team members…

Is it right for you?

I dunno… maybe. Watch the video at and let us know your next best step.

Here’s a pic of my friend’s office— caught on Zoom.



🚌 Family = The Sweet turned 13. All the kids were here, plus several of the kids friends.

I wrote a longer post about him on social media… suffice to say, this kid in awesome on so many levels.

That's a pic of Judah at the top of this post.

And here’s the crowd…


🚌 Field = The (new) dishwasher (finally) works.

Seems like a strange thing to list as a “field” win, because “field” generally what you do full-time— whether it’s at a workplace, as a full-time parent, as a volunteer, student… whatever…

But, we BOTH work from home.

So, our field is here.

And when the dishwasher doesn’t work right, it’s easy for the Starbucks travel mugs we use to pile up in the sink— along with all the other clutter from 10+ kids.

(Side note: we have ten. And, we prayed and desired for our home to be the one where everyone felt great about coming… AND wanted to bring their friends… so, we often have the kids’ friends here even when some of the kids aren’t… house = usually full, aka the #Hilltop is Grand Central in the best sense of the word.)

Turns out, the new dishwasher had a faulty hose connector. The guys from Mr. Drippy, who did the install, caught it, and replaced it— even though it was a manufacturer thing.

(FYI, I used those guys on the #TinyHouse bathroom. They’re some of the best. Quick. Reliable. Super-easy to work with.)


🚌 Faith = Part of my morning routine is to…

πŸ‘‰ Exercise (first thing)

πŸ‘‰ Shower + get dressed

πŸ‘‰ Morning coffee + read / journal as I do it…

I usually turn the Apple TV “on” from the den— and let it play music through the house (I’ve knocked out most of the walls upstairs, so we have an open floor concept). The music just flows…

This week, the latest Elevation Worship album connected with me on so many levels… especially the song “Million Little Miracles.”



🚌 Friends = My friend JD cruised over from ATL last weekend, stayed a few days… and hammered out a few work-related projects.

Monday, Beth + I took JD to Automatic— a great Seafood place downtown. Had the best waitress. And some of the tastiest food.

Here’s a pic of me + Beth. Next time JD is in town, we’ll grab one with him.

🚌 Fun = I tanked the fun this week.

Don’t get me wrong— I enjoyed the week thoroughly.

But, there are weeks when I don’t make time for fun. I mean, I enjoy my work. I love the fitness routine… never a dull moment with Beth. But, you gotta schedule the fun or it just gets squeezed out.


🚌 Bonus = the #TinyHouse

My social media TimeHop feed alerted me to a year ago… when the house didn’t exist and we began the expansion project.

Here are some pics of no house, then the house-- the left is pre-#TinyHouse. The right, obviously, has the house...

And here's the side view of the addition. Our girls moved into this part of the #Hilltop back in late August / early September.



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