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Blog: Top 7 = Wandering on a Saturday, Soul Wholeness, perfect night + more

top 7 Apr 12, 2021

The top 7 for last week…

... in no specific order of importance, just things I captured in my planner / journal this past week...


🚌 Fitness = I’m about to crank up the next round of the #BeachBody workout— in my garage. With a busy schedule (and with space to spread out), that’s the best place for me…

I’ve mentioned it before. We have a massive TV the previous owner left behind. I send the workout from the iPad to the big screen and it works great…

Sunday, I closed out the T-25 run with Speed 3.0, Speed 2.0, and Speed 1.0… back-to-back.

After the first quarter of 2021, I feel like I’ve got my pre-quarantine / Covid-19 body back (that is, I gained 19+ pounds during that season due, in large part, to 1) eating habits and 2) cutting out the cardio to direct that time to building the #TinyHouse at the #Hilltop.

Next up = either a run at Insanity (again) or Max-30.


🚌 Finance = I acquired four pair of jeans last week…

A friend’s wife bought him 4 pairs during Covid and had them shipped to their house. Trouble is, she mixed up his waist and length sizes— and swapped them.

He tossed them to me…

“You want them?” He asked. “I’ve had them a year. Haven’t worn them. They don’t fit.”

“Why don’t you return them?” I asked.

“We don’t have an American Eagle here in town…”

“OK. Sure. I’ll take them. I’ll just cut them off…”

The waist size was perfect for me— they were just long…

I explained my plan to Beth, who asked me WHY in the world I wouldn’t just drive to the Galleria and make a swap. Tags were on and everything.

So, the deed is done.

I now have a few pants AND a gift card for the balance at AE.


🚌 Family = Thursday was one of those “perfect” but normal evenings…

… one of those times when everything just works out like it seems it should.

I grabbed Judah from track practice and then asked him, “What do you want for supper?”

As a middle-kid, he gets squooshed out— a lot. The older ones are louder… as are the younger ones.

We grabbed Zaxby’s on the way back…

… and a few snacks for the car ride home.

Got back…

A few kids hung out at the fire pit.

Others played their X-Boxes (we have FOUR in the house).

A few of us watched a movie.

You know what I mean… there are some nights that— though they’re normal— just seem to slide in on a higher level.


This week’s pic, BTW, has NOTHING to do with Thursday night. Comes from LAST Sunday. After church on Easter, a few kids wanted to go home. Others wanted to go “somewhere,” anywhere. So, we drove… to Buc-Ees. The pic = proof.

Here’s the Easter shot we took at shirt. Sure, we have a “good” one in which everyone faces the camera— but this one’s more real.



🚌 Field = On the way back into town Wednesday afternoon, I grabbed the raw video from the Soul Wholeness video shoot…

… started editing it that evening….

… a few scheduling change-ups, and I finished it Saturday…

Again, this course + book are set to drop around the first of May.

I grabbed the first batch of audiobook edits on Friday— the entire file should go to Audible and be ready shortly after the book.

(The info will all be at in the next few days!)


🚌 Faith = This links back to Soul Wholeness, too…

Can’t tell you how much I’ve loved diving into this area with a look at everything through the lenses of faith…

Here’s a shot from the sound booth at #SoundOfBirmingham— where Don is the audio engineer / owner.

🚌 Friends = Best connection to this one was Tuesday night.

After some meetings, Ernie + Jacob + me met up at Simp McGee’s in downtown Decatur…

Some things defy words, and this was certainly one of them.

Back in 2018 when the rug was ripped from under me and I found myself going though an unwanted divorce— despite doing everything I possibly could to hold a marriage together— there were a handful of men who stepped in and caught me. These guys were two of the crew…

They’ve been there for the lows… and been there for the highs. Everyone needs a few like them.


🚌 Fun = Saturday Beth & I headed to the Birmingham Crossplex to watch Mini play volleyball…

Here’s her team, with the fab Coach Judy on the bottom left. Mini is on the top right, holding up a peace sign.

When we arrived to pick up the ticket, we had about an hour before the match, so we rolled across the street to Applebee’s…

Then watched the game…

Then meandered, with no agenda, towards downtown. Ended up in Avondale, at Spring Street. Tried the BoJam Fries.

Then we drove around some more, eventually landing at Grocery Brewpub in Homewood.

None of it was planned, which— often— creates the best times.

One of the first days we spent together, a few years ago, the same thing happened. Different places, of course…. But, it was fun, and easy… that’s probably when I knew she was the One.

Doing "nothing" with her really is "something" and is the absolute best.




Here’s how I keep up with all of the stuff…

At the end of each day in the Advance planner, there’s a daily review— space to answer a few questions, reflect on a few things, etc…

(You can download a free copy at

Each evening, in about 3-5 minutes, I jot—

⭐️ 3 things I’m thankful for— about that day

⭐️ Something I could have improved

⭐️ Anything I didn’t complete that day which needs to be pushed to tomorrow

⭐️ Some notes about where I added value that day…

It’s the perfect balance between journaling (which I hate, even though I write) and NOT doing anything…

... and it's free at 

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