You weren't made to live "balance."  You were designed to live in rhythm.  Here's what that has to do with emotional health...

Video 11 from the Soul Wholeness course


The fifth tool we teach for walking in emotional health in the Soul Wholeness video course & Freedom March coaching-intensive is to live in the rhythm of Creation…

Sounds like an odd concept, but it makes all the sense in the world once you unpack it. Here's the overview, and what to look for in the video above...


In music, the rests are as important as the notes you play. Life is the same way. There’s a definite beat to Creation that works well for us when we embrace it.

Here are the main ideas: 


✅ The created order is built on a rhythm of “off” and “on.”

We’re designed for bursts of work and pauses for rests. You've heard the phrase, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." It also makes him, well... not so healthy.

How do you know if you're in rhythm or not? 

That leads us to the next observation... 


✅  Five signs highlight when we *might be living out of rhythm.

  •  Sign #1 of 5 = You can’t get quiet, don’t want to be alone, etc.
  •  Sign #2 of 5 = You feel sickish or sluggish for no reason.
  •  Sign #3 of 5 = You’re “short” or snippy.
  •  Sign #4 of 5 = You feel depressed or down, and you can’t figure out why.
  •  Sign #5 of 5 = You’ve recently endured trauma or “hard things.”

If you're out of sync, you can step back into alignment. Here's how...


✅ Three actions steps empower you to step back into Creation’s rhythm (which, again, is our 5th tool for your freedom march / walking in emotional health).

  •  Action Step #1 of 3 = Sleep
  •  Action Step #2 of 3 = Sabbath
  •  Acton Step #3 of 3 = the topic of video 12

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