Don't look for next-level revelation if you haven't already done what's clear (Presence #5)

So many people are looking for a grand word from the Lord about some secret revelation or the next big thing for their life, but they overlook the things He’s already clearly said. Namely, they side-step— even if unintentionally— His Word. 

In this talk we discuss the notion that the Word: 

  • Provides us with safeguards as we step forward in life
  • Highlights our ability to steward what God says (and provides a benchmark for that “if you’re faithful with little, you’ll later be faithful with much” scenario)

There are three main ideas in this talk.



✅ To build on the Word, we need to understand the full scope of what the “Word of God” is. 

Notably, Jesus is the Word, and Jesus does the Word.

And, the phrase “The Way, the Truth, the Life” is far more revealing that the “exclusivity claim” we typically make it. Rather, it means something like “I came to show you how to live the text, and do so in connection with the Father and with each other.”

Furthermore, Jesus— the Word— should be both explained and experienced. 


✅ Use the Word to “bulletproof your life” and protect what God wants to do through you. 

The kings in the Old Testament were given very clear advice: “Write it on paper so it becomes written in your heart.”

(Neuro-scientists tell us that writing is a completely different brain-process than listening or even typing. It actually wires the brain in a stronger way.)

This is important, because the enemy may very likely attack you at the point of your greatest potential. That is, he may very well go after those areas where you can do things in your own strength, side-stepping the empowerment of the Spirit. This means, all the more, that you must anchor yourself on an objective standard. 


✅ The “will of God” for your life begins in a very concrete way— according to the Word. 

Again, many people are looking for something hidden or a path that must be figured out. But Scripture outlines a few things which are “absolutes” for each of us…

  1. Saved = awakened to everything Jesus has achieved for us. 
  2. Sanctified = living the radiant expression of the holiness you’ve been given.
  3. Spirit-filled = hungering for the Lord’s presence and His constant connection.
  4. Submissive = living from a position of honor and humility, as grace is always the right response.
  5. Serving = expressing the very life of Christ in us to others. 



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