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The paperback version of the LifeLift workbook (322 pages, 8.5 x 11) contains the complete LifeLift framework. 

Whether you're looking to study the book on your own, leading a small group or your entire church through the material, we'd love to share the info with you.

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The LifeLift Master-class includes the workbook + the videos + teacher slides + app access

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  • We'll ship you the paperback version of the LifeLift workbook

  • 8.5 x 11, 322 pages
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  • One copy per person
  • Learn more about who you are in Christ (part 1)
  • Discover how to walk in close relationship with the Holy Spirit (part 2)
  • Uncover your created design and your spiritual gifts to discern how God wants to uniquely use you for His purposes (part 3)!
  • Bring it all together and learn how to discern God's will for your life (part 4)
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The 4-part LifeLift framework begins with 3 foundational areas...

LifeLift walks you through the areas of Instructional Obedience, your Created Design, and your Supernatural Blueprint-- all to uncover the ways in which God uniquely works through you.

We begin with our identity in Christ. Then, we learn to live in the presence of the Holy Spirit, who gifts us in unique ways. We maintain a healthy perspective on all of this as we move forward.

Five assessments empower you to discover how God uniquely created you, as well as discern how He wants to achieve His purposes through you.

The six purposes of supernatural gifts help us discern what God wants to do through each of us. They become guardrails to keep us focused.

The four-part LifeLift framework can be taught-- and learned-- in the workbook. Or, read the four 120+ page paperback books to take a deeper dive.

The books are perfect for teachers + students who want to train others or expand their horizon.

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