Love is the greatest cure for (yet another) cancel culture (Presence #4)

The second facet of the “power, love, sound mind” trifecta is love— something that’s been watered-down in our cancel culture. 

In this talk we make four observations related to love.



We begin here…

✅ The context of 1 Corinthians 13 isn’t (specifically) about marriage, it’s about spiritual gifts— that is, the supernatural empowerments God gifts His people (these are the focus on part 3 of LifeLift.)

The “love chapter” actually highlights multiple spiritual gifts. 

The main point seems to be something akin to this: if you can’t exercise your gift in a loving way, then don’t use it. In other words, if you can share love, go work on you— and then go back and serve others.


Here’s why this matters—

✅ An environment of love is more important than the expression of the gifts, because the gifts were given to express the heart of the Father. 


John, the “beloved disciple” (a title he gave himself after being enraptured by Jesus’ love) makes a great point here.

✅ 1 John 4:18 becomes our framework to live-out this love: “perfect love casts out fear.” 

We outline three parts of this verse: 

  1. Perfect love = don’t only live up to your full potential of Christ being formed in you, but love to your full potential as well. 
  2. Casts out fear = eliminates insecurity and makes people feel safe.
  3. Fear = reveals we have not yet been perfected in love. 


In other words…

✅ The caution = don’t do it without love. 

(That is, as you live out your purpose, do it in the right way.)



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