You're empowered to perform above your natural capacity (Presence #3)

The longest talk in the entire LifeLift framework follows the shortest. Here, we begin by discussing power, which leads us to the topic of the Holy Spirit. 

Listen for five main headings— 



The first is this— 

✅ Jesus is the Baptizer of the Holy Spirit. 

John the Baptist said he baptized with water— but that Jesus would baptize people in the Holy Spirit, something we never see fulfilled during Jesus’ earthly ministry.

Peter interprets Acts 2 / Pentecost as the “baptism of the Holy Spirit,” something prophesied in Joel 2:28-32, which he credits Jesus as doing.

I’ve intentionally used the word “baptism” throughout the next, even though many people are nervous about it. HEre’s why— it’s the term used in the Bible. 


✅ Don’t fear a term used in Scripture; redeem the term and use it in a beneficial manner. 

In fact, I mention a safe way to study = the checking principle. (See what others have said, too.)

Then, we walk through what others say about the Holy Spirit and the “normal” Christian life. 

(This is part of the reason this section is a bit longer, but it’s great info.)


✅ Four truths throughout the Book of Acts describe our relationship with the Holy Spirit. 

( I assumed that using the “checking principle” would lead to massive disagreement among different denominations and backgrounds, but I found widespread AGREEMENT.)

Here’s what I learned— 

  1. You are given the Holy Spirit at conversion, when you are sealed with the Spirit. 
  2. There’s more of the Holy Spirit available, even after the salvation encounter.
  3. Most people don’t wait for or pursue the “more” which is available for us.
  4. Additional encounters with the Holy Spirit are available (understanding what Pentecost was helps us frame this experience). 

We may use different words for these experiences, but we all align far more closely than I originally envisioned.


✅ There are at least three reasons the Holy Spirit comes— and continues coming— to us. 

  1. The Holy Spirit creates greater focus on Jesus— not increased focused on the Holy Spirit. 
  2. The Holy Spirit provides power for witness = baptism is a visually enlightening word to describe what the Holy Spirit does at this point. 
  3. The Holy Spirit also facilitates greater intimacy with God.

In conclusion, we determine that we want to… 


✅ Embrace everything God has for us— even if we don’t understand it. 



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