Don't forget who you are (Presence #1)

There  are four facets to the LifeLift framework. The first two are— 

👉 Identity (knowing who we really are), which was the subject of the previous 5 talks 

👉 Presence (since we “live” Christ, as we learned in those five, developing an awareness of His presence is one of the best habits we can develop. 

In this talk we shift from the first part of our framework to the second. We begin discussing what it means to live with an awareness of His presence. 


The first concept related to this provides us a great segway from Identity to Presence, because we discuss the form / design we all have. Further, we talk about the issue(s) that distort it… 

(I know, that sounds super-vague, but we’ll make it highly practical.)

There are four main ideas in this talk…



✅ You were designed for glory— that’s God’s original intent for each of us. 

We usually focus on the first part of Romans 3:23, but we need to remember the entire verse.

We weren’t created to just reflect the glory of God; we were designed to possess it.


✅ Sin isn’t just a “wrong” thing we do (or a “right” thing we omit doing), it’s a distortion of our true form, of our original design. 

We we understand what sin truly is, we see a greater glimpse of what it means to walk away from our form.

You are God’s workmanship, created specifically for great works which grace empowers you to do.

The same grace which saves you is also the very grace which empowers you to live the purpose for which you were designed (your destiny— and you call— is also empowered by grace).

Grace is bigger— and existed before— than any of your sin.

No sin in your past is great enough to erase God’s purposes.


  Embrace your unique form / design, and leave behind the lesser things. 


  Prioritize the Presence over the supernatural power; lean into the Giver, not the gifts. 



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