You're part of it (Identity #3)

Everyone wants to be included. In this talk we discuss how you were included— supernaturally— in every significant part of Jesus’ work on earth (and even some of His work in Heaven). 

Here’s where we begin… 


👉 Baptism is a picture of our eternal reality. 

It might just “look” like a religious ritual, but there’s far more being signified by a person going “in and out” of the water than what you might have imagined.

Once we understand what baptism is, we readily grasp the next main point of our talk…


👉 You were present to each event of Christ’s life, meaning you are included in every defining moment. 

That means…

✅ You were crucified with Christ.

✅ You died with Christ.

✅ You were buried with Christ.

✅ You arose from the grave with Christ.

✅ You ascended with Christ. 

And, even though it hasn’t happened yet… 

✅ You will be seen with Him in glory when He returns.

All of that means this…


👉 Now, we live according to the Spirit and not according to the flesh. 

Your spirit has been reborn— when you were raised— with “perfect seed.”

You now also partake in the Christ’s divine nature. 

And, of course, rather than grading each other by the mere externals, what we CAN see…


👉  We should now see each other in light of how Jesus sees us, not as we typically view ourselves. 

Stop judging by mere external appearances.

The “glorious exchange” means Jesus traded everything that was ours for all of what

He has— and that transforms everything.




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