92. Emotional Wholeness is Part of Total Wholeness (Coaches Series #12, with Fanicy Hunter)

Fanicy Hunter (pronounced like “fancy”) is a therapist AND a yoga instructor. She combines both, in the park, to empower people towards total wholeness…

I asked her how she came up with that combination, so she told me the back story.

“When I was a kid, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to teach dance or if I wanted to be a psychologist. This does both.”

No, there wasn’t a straight line from 9-year old kid, charting her life dream, to where Fanicy is today. As we often say, life is BOTH beautiful and hard… it includes progress and pain alike.


In this episode, Fanicy talks about emotional wholeness— from a therapist’s experience. That is, whereas I often write and teach about things I’m exploring, she talks HERE about an area where she already has expertise.

She talks about—

👉 Triggers

👉 How your body often stores pain from your emotional past (remember, everything is connected— body, soul, and spirit)

👉 How to create a healthy response

👉 The reality that we need therapy when we’re in crisis AND when we’re not— just like our body needs exercise / movement when it’s in crisis (and needs to drop 50 pounds) and when it’s not alike (i.e., when we’re physically at a healthy weight).


I asked Fanicy what she might say to someone who needs help— not necessarily EXTREME help, but someone she bumped into who might be going through something…

She outlined it.

👉 #1 = Have compassion for your self. And take care of yourself. If you’ve been through something, give yourself grace to heal.

(That’s a good point. Don’t give yourself grace to stay in the hurt— but give yourself space to do what you need to do in order to move forward.

👉 #2 = Seek help. Counselors + therapists + other practitioners can assist you.

(I’ve been to a counselor, I’ve taken a psych eval, etc… and Fanicy talks about her ongoing work WITH therapists as a client herself.)

👉 #3 = Give it time. That is, think in terms of progress, not perfection… and continue stepping in the right direction.


BTW, I loved hearing how Fanicy shared that this was her calling…

… that, as she looks back, she can see a tapestry weaving throughout her story, bringing her to where she is today.



Notes for this episode—

Fanicy’s website = www.MyEmotionTherapy.com 

Fanicy on instagram = @MyEmotionTherapy

Episode # = I Took a Psych Eval = https://www.jenkins.tv/podcasts/lifelift/episodes/2147587677 

The Body Keeps the Score book = https://amzn.to/3hhkh2A 

Blues Clues 25th Anniversary video = https://youtu.be/onwuhW8obwo