The (New) Men's Mastermind

Think of it like a book club-- without the book and the addition of something better

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The Men's Mastermind uses Oola's new Design My Life Blueprint / Digital Coaching Platform as our resource. 

Oola is about finding balance— and growth— in the seven key areas of life (Fitness, Finance, Family, Faith, Field, Friends, & Fun), while living with less stress… so we can live our purpose.

The digital framework uniquely bends to you— and then pushes you forward by providing you with curated videos and suggestions specifically for you.


Cost: The first month costs $77,  each additional  = $47

Oola carries a 30-day money back guarantee + you cancel anytime

(You are purchasing the tool we use, not paying for access to the group.)

We focus on 7 the key areas of life. Like spokes on a wheel, they're each essential to keeping forward momentum.

If one spoke goes down for a while, you're fine. But lose a spoke completely-- or lose a few-- and you stop forward progress in every area. Momentum grinds to a halt.

We're all strong in some areas and weak in other areas. Using this platform works "better than a book," because the content customizes to you.

Your persoalized path looks different than everyone else's... 

The daily tracker— on an app— marks your progress, checks daily streaks, and provides built-in accountability (and celebration) for your progress.

The weekly Zoom, our Facebook group, and the GroupMe chat are the tools we use to push each other forward...

  • We each have our own goals (and challenges)
  • We each have a unique purpose

But we can best achieve that when we have the forum of a group of other men committed to pushing each other forward.


Time required = 60-75 minutes per week

  • Weekly Zoom = 45 minutes per week
  • Facebook group = less than 5 minutes per day , M-F
  • GroupMe = used for announcements or when you need to connect

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