From time-to-time, people ask me about some of the products and tools I use— as well as other places I “do things” on the Internet. Here are a few (some of these are affiliate links):


Affiliate Links

Essential oils + supplements and more = Young Living

This is the powerhouse product I used a few years ago to support my journey in losing 50 pounds. Now, I use this entire line to live chemical-free / toxin-free (in my home, at least!). The best deal is the Premium Starter Kit. Begin with essential oils OR start with the Thieves Premium Starter Kit (my suggestions). 

Another online web-resource I helped create provides video-training an online education for the products. Plus, I have a monthly gathering at my house if you’re in the Birmingham area. Generally, it’s the third Thursday of the month.

Join at this link here (your Enroller + Sponsor will show up as Overflow, LLC, the name of my biz corporation):  

Become a wholesale member here

Web software = Kajabi

Years ago, I used WordPress. But, it required a lot of plugins, a separate email server, merchant accounts, and other tech-stuff that often went wonky. Now, I have a one-stop shop for everything.

If you’re interested in taking Kajabi for a test-drive, you can join the 28 day challenge here, and the Kajabi community will help you get your site up and running within 4 weeks. And, if you’re trying to sell an online course they’ll do their best to help you reach $1,000 in sales within that 28 days as well.

I’m super-familiar with this tool, so I’m happy to hop on a 30-minute Zoom call and help you navigate this tool.

Join the free 28-day challenge here Grab some general info on Kajabi's website here

Oola Life Coaching

I met the Oola guys back in 2014— that was when I began my health journey and made a LOT of significant changes. Dave and Troy, the two guys, were instrumental in that change. In them, I saw that SOMETHING new and different was, in fact, attainable. 

Fast forward 4 years. My life fell apart. Some of it was my fault; a lot of it wasn’t. But, everything shattered. 

In the process of rebuilding, I reconnected with Dave— he had been through many of the SAME circumstances I had. 

A year later, he reached out and invited me to coach with them, even taking me under his wing as part of the certification process. 

Join the 10-week coaching program here. You’ll receive video training from Dave & Troy, plus you and I will meet via Zoom once each week, after you watch their module. I’ll help you review, pull out the highlights, and empower you to look forward to the next best steps for you.

This program is THE BEST way to create a life of less stress that is ALSO balanced in all of the key areas of life AND growing.

Register for the 10-week program here

Other Projects

Crosswinds + The Warrior Hope Podcast

I’ve known Bob Waldrep for years. Back in 2008 be launched a non-profit to address cultural trends from a faith perspective. One of the first issues he studied was PTSD, as emotional trauma (particularly from deployment) was a hot topic of conversation.

Bob shot two feature length documentaries— Invisible Scars (about PTSD) and Honoring the Code (about Moral Injury).

In mid-2018, I joined the Crosswinds team and we began developing a curriculum to teach about the topics of those films. Since then, Bob and I have co-written two books, launched a video course, and now a podcast. 

Find more info, including links to the podcast stream


Ernie Yarbrough and I have worked together on this project for a few years… along with Dr. Jim Bob Haggerton. Our friends Gladys & Joseline translate our resources into Spanish, as well as add some unique content of their own….

The goal of this project is simple: most people in the natural health world agree that Young Living’s products are the best, but they’re not always sure how to use them. We make it super-simple to make healthy decisions for you and your family my providing educational resources. 

Each month we release a video course. We release a new book every few months (10 in 2019 alone!), and a podcast episode every week.

Learn more about the online courses here Grab the app on iOS Grab the app on Android


My good friend, George Grant, who describes himself as a hillbilly with a pretentious vocabulary, is one of the wisest and most grounded people I know. He’s pastored a church for years, has studied history extensively, and has launched several educational institutions. He’s also penned 70+ books.

My friend Ernie and I began working with George back in 2018, helping him get some of his resources online. And, we launched the Keystones, a method of Scripture study + journaling that George both 1) gleaned from history, as well as 2) developed anew.

He has a weekly podcast. I hop on about 2x each month and interact with him.

Stream the podcast here Download the Keystones freebie here


Advance was a semi-annual event I launched with two close friends back in 2014. We hosted ten of the events through 2018, at which point 

I needed to take a hiatus.

The event originally began as a business workshop to help men understand the essential oil business (Young Living), but— by the 4th event— I tweaked the content to more of a “life development” weekend (I was writing the bulk of the content). 

After the event ran its course and it was time to focus on other projects, I still had control of a website full of great resources. So, I chose to make the content free of charge to anyone who wants it. 

Simply visit the website, where all of the online courses are available to you at no cost.

Access the past content free here