The word Oola comes from the French word “oolala,” which means everything in life exists in harmony— that life is in the sweet spot.


There are SEVEN key areas of life—

⭐️ Fitness

⭐️ Finance

⭐️ Family

⭐️ Field (Career)

⭐️ Faith

⭐️ Friends

⭐️ Fun

Like spokes on a wheel, they're each essential to keeping forward momentum.


If one spoke goes down for a while, you're fine. But...

But lose a spoke completely-- or lose a few-- and you stop forward progress in every area. Momentum grinds to a halt.

Think about it...

👉 If family isn't working, then your field (work) suffers

👉 If you're finances are jacked, life isn't very fun

👉 If you're not fun, your friend-quotient probably goes low

👉 If your faith tanks, you might feel hopeless in all the other areas

You get the idea. These areas all matter.


Here's the project-- and the opportunity-- 

Oola recently created a digital platform to empower people to live… well, in Oola— to find their purpose while living a life of balance and growth.

This means it works anywhere, at anytime…

… there are no shipping delays, and it never goes out of stock.

Best of yet, you can access it now and begin your Oola journey….


In this video, we walk you through the Oola Dashboard...

... this shows the desktop version.

It also works on an app. 

We recommend: 

👉 Setting your goals on the Desktop version (see in this video = use a large screen, for the full experience)

👉 Using the app to do the daily tracker, etc., and manage your goals


The tailor-made dashboard is unique to you-- and is the place where you'll find the action steps you created, personalized content dedicated to you, and a "gamified" experience that applauds you as you move forward.

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