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Video: What if you were so healthy that...?

healing health video Apr 18, 2017


I read an interesting quote from a pastor a few weeks ago:

"God's desire isn't for you to be healed; His desire is for you to be so healthy you won't need to be healed."

The quote comes from Dr. / Pastor Henry Wright, a man who's spent years tracing the correlation between sickness and disease and the emotional and physical trauma behind it...

But back to his core idea... What if we really were designed to be  well...? And what if sickness was the anomaly instead of the norm?

* Maybe that's why there were "leaves for healing" in Genesis 1:29 (the Hebrew word, oklah, which is translated as "food" in that passage literally means "food and medicines").

* Maybe that's why healing exists in Heaven ("The leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations," per Ezekiel 47:12 and Revelation 22:2).

Get that: before sin came and after its completely eradicated, healing happens.

Perhaps we were created to choose life, to live well...


What if both groups are right?

It's odd that people come at this, then, from two different angles.

On one hand, some people argue that we must walk in health and wellness- and that we do so by our active choices. In other words, we make ourselves well.

On the other hand, some people contend that we need miracles- that God has to offer health to us or it won't happen. That is, God makes us well.

It seems that the first group may ignore God's power (on the extreme side) and the other group, though religious, may ignore the gym (again, the extreme other side). But, what if both groups are right?

What if...

What if, first, we need to make wise decisions. We need to choose therapeuo, that is, a lifestyle of health and wellness. Things like what we eat. Exercise. Rest. Habits that help our health rather than hinder it...

What if, second, we need the power of God to break-in. After all, He's the Creator, the one who made us.

In other words, what if both groups are right?

Remember, in a previous post, we learned that both of these types of healing happened in the New Testament. Jesus performed miracles; Jesus taught people how to live well. Paul did the same- He performed instant healing (iaomai) and taught people to walk in health (therapeuo).


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