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Video: 5 signs you're out of rhythm

soul wholeness video Jan 21, 2022

In music, the rests are as important as the notes you play. Life is the same way. There’s a definite beat to Creation that works well for us when we embrace it.

Here are the main ideas:

✅ The created order is built on a rhythm of “off” and “on.” We’re designed for bursts of work and pauses for rests.

(Part of living a life of balance means there are definite times of Sabbath and rest, those moments of complete OFF.)

✅ Five signs highlight when we *might be living out of rhythm.

  •  Sign #1 of 5 = You can’t get quiet, don’t want to be alone, etc.
  •  Sign #2 of 5 = You feel sickish or sluggish for no reason.
  •  Sign #3 of 5 = You’re “short” or snippy.
  •  Sign #4 of 5 = You feel depressed or down, and you can’t figure out why.
  •  Sign #5 of 5 = You’ve recently endured trauma or “hard things.”

✅ Three actions steps empower you to step back into Creation’s rhythm (which is our 5th tool for your freedom march / walking in emotional health).

  •  Action Step #1 of 3 = Sleep
  •  Action Step #2 of 3 = Sabbath
  •  Acton Step #3 of 3 = Seeking things in the right way (as opposed to hustle)

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