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Video: God didn't make THIS list?

healing health health + healing video Aug 08, 2017

A few months into researching the material for the health & healing workshop, I came across an interesting tidbit... it seems that there are a TON of places we go for info. Some of those places aren't traditional at all...

For example... 

A few years ago, my wife and I decided it was time for a getaway. We set some money aside in a savings account, arranged childcare for a specific week, and began looking for places to fill the time...

The first place looked? The web. 

Specifically, this: we made a post on Facebook- "Where would you go if you were...?" She went on to describe the criteria. 

  • All-inclusive. 
  • No kids (We have nine, so if we were wanting to hang out with kids we could have just stayed home, right? We love kids, but this was a couples getaway- LOL!). 
  • Wiling to pay more than the average vacation but didn’t want to break the bank.

We got a lot of great advice. Some people steered us to certain places by giving a few sentences. Others concurred with their "thumb" (Facebook hadn't installed hearts, smiley faces, WOW! faces, teary-eyed faces, and angry faces yet- so just a thumb or lack of thumb was all you got.) Other posted pics of their own trip in the comments or even tagged us in some of their past photos.

We received LOADS of great info fast. And, our decision-making process was far easier because of it :-)

Why did we go online? Seems obvious, doesn't it. We knew, really, that was the best way to get fast info- from friends who'd been there, done it, and had their approval or lack of it. It was the best way to get fast, accurate info.


What about when the stakes are higher?

What about your body? Your emotions? Your spirit...?

Where do you go when you need health advice. Well, when I was studying to write The Healing Workshop I ran across a great book from Dr. Henry Wright. He references a USA Today article asked people plainly in a poll: “Where do you go when you’re sick?”

The results were what you might expect to see:

  • 50% call their primary care physician
  • 31% rely on what they see in the media
  • 5% talk to a relative or friend
  • 5% consult self-help books
  • 4% learn in school courses
  • 2% talk to their pharmacist

I know… that doesn’t add up to 100%. None of the remaining responses didn’t amount to a full percentage point. This means that, according to Dr. Wright, “not even a fraction of a percentage included a pastor, church, Bible, or God…”


Does it matter?

Well, you decide...

I'm not knocking the medical world. I talked about this in a previous post.

I'm grateful that we have access to incredible facilities, the latest technologies, and some of the best professional people around. I've met numerous doctors and nurses who see what they do as their calling, as their sacred duty. And it shows every time they meet people at their most vulnerable moments, attending to some of their most intimate needs.

I also know that God is the Creator- and the Healer. Sometimes He uses natural means; other times He uses radical interventions; many times we get to see a miracle.

Jesus presumed His followers would be skilled in healing (Mark 16:15-20). So did His little brother, James (James 5:15-16).

So, where should you go for advice? 

Maybe it's like our trip. When it was time to go, we went to the most experienced, most qualified source we could find.

Something to think about...



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