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Video + Podcast: #OolaFitness (Oola 1/7)

oola podcast video Sep 23, 2020

Fitness— one of the easiest areas to see progress (and, yeah, one of the easiest areas to “let go.”).

Let’s define it like this….

πŸ‘‰ Fitness is a measure of your health in each area of your life— physical (body), mind & emotions (soul), and spirit.

I like that definition because it does a few things…

πŸ’₯ It acknowledges that it’s TOTAL… fitness includes body, soul, and spirit (think about how effective it would be if you’re body was in shape but your emotions or mind was out of whack)

πŸ’₯It focuses on HEALTH— not lifting a certain amount of weights, running a certain speed, or hitting a specific number on the scale….

Let’s get this one right, because there’s greatness inside of you waiting to be shared with this world, but….

… it’s hard to do if you’re sick + tired + sluggish…

Here we go….

… let’s all get 1% better in this area and that will, I promise you, be exponential.


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🀷‍♂️ Why settle for ordinary when you’re designed for extraordinary?


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