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The conversations we need to have about PTSD (w/ Eugene Cuevas)

warrior hope podcast Mar 08, 2022

This week we talk with Eugene Cuevas about the conversations we need to have regarding PTSD and more…

(Eugene is the mega-talented director of the Invisible Scars and Honoring the Code documentaries, as well as the upcoming title to be released about warrior families.)

Back in the day, people gathered on the front porch— and talked about the real things of life. Now, well… we don’t have many front porches, and we don’t dive too deep.


My top 3 takeaways this week = 


⭐️ Create a front porch. 

Wherever it is, however it is, connect with people…


⭐️ One of the big topics we need to discuss… PTSD.

That’s right, let’s go deep. A lot of people are hurting— no need to chit chat about the latest TV show, a cat meme, or who wore what to some awards show no one really cares about. 


⭐️ Those conversations open us up to a whole new world.

Sure, we find HURTS there… 

But we also find HOPES…

We need to work on both. Heal from the past, and launch into your next mission… 


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Warriors on Mission = connect veterans to their next mission. The most common obstacles we see are 1) isolation and 2) unresolved hurts / unprocessed pain of the past. Finding that next mission matters because 1) you have a purpose, and 2) there are people who are going the affected (for the good!) by you living that mission. Those people include your family, your friends, and fellow service members…

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