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Video: Work is where you express your purpose and passion

soul wholeness video work Feb 11, 2022

Dan Miller wrote a book, 48 Days to the Work You Love, in which he pushes people to pursue that voice— that calling. He reminds us that in the Biblical mindset from which Jesus lived, there was no distinction as to who was called and who wasn’t. 

Anyone can hear the voice and follow…

Miller writes, 

There is a Hebrew word, avodah, from which come both the words “work" and “worship." To the Hebrew man, his Thursday morning activities were just as much an expression of worship as being in the synagogue on the Sabbath. 

Nothing in Scripture depicts the Christian life as divided into sacred and secular parts. Rather, it shows a unified life, one of wholeness, in which everything we do is service to God, including our daily work, whatever that may be.

This isn’t just a “spiritual concept,” this idea about work being connected to a deeper purpose. Webster’s dictionary (full disclosure: I looked this up online and not from an actual Webster’s book) defines work as "bodily or mental efforts exerted to do or make something; purposeful activity.”

Notice, work is— 

  •  Purposeful
  •  Meaningful
  •  Intentional

Work adds value to everything around us, because work places the touch of the Creator somewhere in our world, even as it uses human instruments to do so.

Or, to say it another way, “If it’s not purposeful, meaningful, and intentional, then it’s not work…it’s toil.”

You see, the opposite of “work” isn’t laziness, it’s toil. And toil is that sense of striving and laboring that lacks purpose, lacks meaning, and lacks eternal intention. 

Work is not simply “punching in” and “clocking out,” passing through hours on a time clock, exchanging time spent doing something you don’t want for the money that you need.

  • If you hate your work, you're not really working. You’re toiling. True work flows from something you love, no matter how grand or small it seems to others. 
  • If your work is disconnected from the life of the Spirit, you're not really working. True work is totally connected to worship, however it is that you define that term. 
  • If your work lacks purpose, you’re not really working. You’re performing a “job,” instead of living a calling. And that misses the point of that precious sacred voice altogether. 

True work was not a result of the Fall, toil was. Work was given to Adam before sin entered the equation— to serve as a process for him to steward Creation and add value to the world around him— a world that was already very, very good...


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