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Video: Sometimes healing happens instantly, other times it happens over time

healing health soul wholeness video Dec 31, 2021

Sometimes, Jesus heals instantly. Other times, He teaches people how to be well. Sometimes, Jesus touches us and we are dramatically changed in that moment. Other times, He imparts His wisdom to us so that we can “walk out” the freedom.

Now, think about what this really means, practically. Let’s move it from theory to real life:

👉 Jesus can heal lung cancer, but He can also teach us about the ills of smoking.

👉 He can cure diabetes. He also shows us how to eat better.

👉 He can heal sexually transmitted diseases. He also provides us with directions on how to live whole and healthy lives, as well as experience the joy of true intimacy with one person.

👉 He can heal us of the dozens of physical nuisances that we’ve grown to tolerate. Or, we can take His directions and experience what it really means to be alive!

As far as it relates to emotional wholeness…

It’s possible— and even highly probable— you’ll find healing through the process of walking it out. Too many people wait to get struck by lightning, that is, for a supernatural event to occur that suddenly becomes their breakthrough. 

What if that doesn’t happen?

Is all hope vanquished?

Of course not. We can still therapeuo our way there. We can claim our freedom and begin the process of sorting life and fighting for wholeness.


The Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776. We celebrate that day every year with fireworks, swimming, long days at the beach, and more. That is the day our Founding Fathers claimed our freedom.

But we weren’t yet free.

They claimed freedom before anyone saw the finality of it. You see, the military campaigns of the Revolutionary War lasted from 1775 until 1783. It took years of walking in a freedom that didn’t yet exist in order to truly be free.

Don’t miss the parallel. You might have to stake a claim and begin your freedom march before there’s evidence, as well.

And, even if the miracle happens, you want to walk the lifestyle anyway, right?

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