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Video: Healthy roots = healthy fruit

soul wholeness video Dec 24, 2021

When our hearts are whole, relationships work. And we find purpose. And we’re emotionally stable. And we don’t self-sabotage.

I assumed self-sabotage was simply one of those bad fruits people needed to be taught about. If they only knew better, they could do better. Or so it seemed.

Self-sabotage is a root issue, though. Not a fruit issue.

To kill it, you’ve got to destroy the roots, not just keep plucking off bad fruit. Unless the stuff inside changes, the fruit always returns.

Think about it…

To change the fruit, you’ve got to change the root…

All kinds of issues happen when we attach our hearts- for whatever reason- to the wrong place. And when we do that, bad fruit always emerges.

In order to see meaningful fruit grow in a consistent way, we’ve got to attach the heart to the right place.

I watched amazing stories of redemption and recovery unfold right before my eyes, and I watched people choose lives of sheer hell. And, I’ve experienced BOTH sides of that equation myself…

Many of us attach our hearts to the wrong things (in large part, because of past hurts and pains we’re seeking to soothe). We live from undisclosed hidden rules- in an effort to avoid pain. We cover that pain with addictions, false-fillers which can never eliminate the void. The result is bad fruit, bad fruit which returns perennially.

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I “killed” bad fruit in my life. “This is it,” I repeatedly told myself. Then, to use the language from the title of this short book, “I’m finally free.”

But I wasn’t. Not for long.

Often, seemingly out of nowhere, bad fruit returned. When it did, it often grew back stronger and bigger, making it even more difficult to pluck off the next time.

Maybe you’ve been there, too, experiencing the same thing.

If you have, join the crowd. You’re not alone.

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