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Video: There's no need to hide what we already see

soul wholeness video Dec 03, 2021

❌ Freedom isn’t found in hoping no one finds out about the clutter in your past. Even if your past is fairly present.


✅ Freedom is found when it’s in the open, when there’s nothing more to hide.

That bold audacity is what strips the enemy of his power.


The back story, a la the great poet Eminem.

One weekend I skimmed our Netflix suggestions and zoned-in on 8 Mile, a film in which rapper Eminem plays Jimmy Smith, Jr., a young man who desperately wants to leave the boundaries of Detroit and move towards his dreams and destiny.

Jimmy finds himself competing in a rap contest, the kind which pits two artists against each other. The rules are somewhat strange: the rapper who insults the other the most wins.

So, with the beat blaring behind them, artists accuse one another of their public flaws and hidden failures.

During the final showdown, Jimmy flips the script. Rather than insulting his opponent, he focuses more on revealing all of his own faults. He raps about his poverty, the fact that he is of a different race, the truth that his girlfriend cheated on him… that he got jumped and robbed a few days ago.

In doing so, he effectively disarms the enemy, stripping him of his complete arsenal of ammunition. When he’s finished, there's nothing else that can be said.

He concludes his routine, taunting, “Now tell them something the don’t know about me.”.

The opponent grows more embarrassed by the moment. Eminem tosses him the mic, but he actually hands the mic over.

👉 There’s nothing more to say.

👉 There’s nothing left to accuse.

Eminem stripped the enemy of his power by saying everything that could be said about him on his own.


To quote Jesus, “This accuser has nothing on me” (John 14:30).

Turns out, grace covers it.

It makes you righteous.

And the righteous are bold as a lion (Proverbs 28:1).

They don’t hide…

B/c grace has (already) covered it…


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